After Pia Wurtzbach won the title as Miss Universe 2015, there are more individuals who are inspired to join beauty pageants in order to become a beauty queen. Being a beauty queen is a tough job because you are going to be representing your organization as an ambassadress as well as a center for inspiration to other individuals. In this way, you can become an effective role model to others who will trust and support you while fulfilling your duties and responsibilities while reigning as a beauty queen.

A beauty queen represents elegance, poisem and personality. These are the three of the most important things to consider so that a person becomes a successful ambassadress of beauty. As a beauty titlist, it is expected that you should face numerous challenges that would enhance your personality, skills, and beauty. This makes you an independent ambassador so that you can gain an additional potential that would ensure that you can become one of the most successful pageant icon in the world.
International beauty queens from their respective beauty pageants
A beauty queen is referred to a beauty pageant contestant who won the title of either local or international event. If you happen to win a title in a local or international beauty pageant event, you will be looked upon by the public as a beauty queen. Beauty queens are then started to be known more by addressing the name of the pageant that they won before their names when they start calling them after the pageant. Once that a person becomes a beauty queen, they start to travel to different places and starts to be invited as a guest to various media networks in order to share their story and give their words of wisdom to the audiences as part of their inspirational talk.

A beauty pageant is one of the most sought events in the world because candidates represent their respective nations to give voice about their country in the international scene. Every contestant is lucky enough to showcase their culture and tradition so that worldwide audiences. There are at least several major international pageants that are already known around the world. These are Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Globe, Miss Supranational, Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss International Queen, Miss Queen Tourism, and many more. Male pageants are also being held annually, which includes Mister World, Mister International, Manhunt International, and Mister Universo.

Aside from becoming a successful beauty queen, you can also be a successful beauty king. How? If you are a gaymale, you can be versatile for joining gay male pageants. If you are masculine enough, you can qualify to join male pageants in either your local community or in national level that will get you the license to join international beauty pageants. There is nothing wrong for joining any pageant as long as it fits with your physical description to blend with other candidates as well as the essence of the beauty pageant that you are going to participate.

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Inspirational story of Pia Wurtzbach on becoming a Beauty Queen


The first ever beauty pageant was held in Scotland in 1839. The name of the pageant was named as "Queen of Beauty" that was won by the Duchess of Somerset, Georgiana Seymour. On 1854, Phineas Taylor Barnum organized its first modern American pageant but failed to materialize due to conservative protests. Beauty pageants became popular in 1880's decades when several European countries held their own beauty pageants, which allow contestants to showcase their dresses, beauty, and confidence that are observed and analyzed by the judges.

In the 19th century, major beauty pageants started to emerge in the international scene. The first ever international pageant is Miss America pageant that was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the United States of America in 1921. This was followed by Miss World in 1951 that was established in London, England. In 1952, Miss Universe was held in New York City, which also started organizing Miss USA beauty pageant. Miss International was also held in California, USA on 1952 but moved to Tokyo Japan. In 2001, Miss Earth started to participate in the international pageant scene that is now followed by Miss Supranational, Miss International Queen, Miss Grand International, Miss Globe, Miss Intercontinental, and many pageants more.

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15 interesting tips on how to become a successful beauty queen

A. Pre-Entry Phase (Body and image preparation)

1. Immediately establish your discipline on your diet: If you are aiming to become a beauty queen, diet is the most important routine that you should consider. Having a discipline with the food that you eat because it creates an effective foundation to stay fit. A beauty queen should have a great body and to show to the world that they are always a role model for having an effective diet discipline.

2. Stop unhealthy vices: In order to become a beauty queen, you also need to discipline your lifestyle by avoiding smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. These are substances that will make your body look older than your age. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages will cause your body to have a weakened immune system. Starting to have a healthier lifestyle would help your body to recover from any stress easily.

3. Start doing regular exercise: Diet management and stopping any vice are not enough to make you look like a beauty queen. This means that you should start doing everyday workouts in order for you to become proactive with your lifestyle by engaging in workouts. Exercise helps your body to tone down fats and build more muscles so that you will look more attractive. Regular workouts will enable your body to become more attractive and appealing to the public.

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4. Watch and learn previous beauty pageants: If you are serious about winning to a pageantry, it is important for you to learn more about the mechanics, techniques, and their costumes in order to carryout your preferences with your style and accessories. This includes learning how to pose, to project, to use confidence correctly, to walk properly, to use appropriate style, proper costume management, and to answer questions confidently.

5. Enhance your natural asset: If you think that you have what it takes to become a beauty queen and an ambassador, you should know how to use your asset in order to win the pageant. Beauty will always be your main weapon because being attractive would fuel your chances to improve your beauty. Using your body's physique, flashy eyes, nice smile, and great hairstyle promotes your ability to improve your performance when you join the pageant.

Entry phase (As a canditate to an ongoing pageant)

6. Socialize: It is important that as a candidate, creating an interpersonal relationship with other individuals aims to develop friendship and establishing positive impression to others. Building a relationship with other individuals will allow appreciation with your initiative to become more likable. Sharing your thoughts, values, and interest with other individuals such as candidates, organizers, and audiences will allow to exchange ideas and references to become more knowledgeable.

7. Be diligent: If you want to become a good example to others, be always diligent with what your organizers or handlers. Scandal is always just around the corners waiting for any unusual and undesirable issues that has been acted by any candidate that could promote bad publicities. This includes being a drama queen or having a persistent preference would derail your chances of winning the pageant if they notice that you exhibit a bad attitude.

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8. Be visible: Even before pageants, you should be engaged in numerous photoshoots so that it will create a positive and strong impression from the organizers. Being always featured in photoshoots, advertisements, and events during the pageant will attract unsuspecting audiences and pageant critics to start noticing your actions. If pageant critics will start an eye on you, it signifies that they are rooting for you.

9. Always project on the spotlight anytime: If you are a candidate, you will expect that there are cameras scattered in your background, taking pictures of you. You should learn how to style yourself and project well so that you will be able to further catch the attention of the public, in which they can be your judge during the pageant. During the pageant night, you should project whenever it is your time to swipe the stage with your confidence.

10. Be always confident: Joining a pageant takes honor and responsibility. You know that you always take responsible for any outcomes and actions that you take during the pageant. This is the reason why you should be confident and accept all consequences that you might experience during the pageant that would help to boost your performances.

Post-entry (If you fail to enter the semi-final round or only ended up runner-up)

11. Take advice from previous titleholders: It is important that you should seek positive words of wisdom from your mentors who previously won the competition. They can be an effective resource person so that you will know more about the things that you should do when you are going to take another try joining the same pageant or other pageants in roder to fulfill your dream.

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12. Always attend trainings: Being trained is one of the most important disciplines that you should have to follow because education is a continuous process that you should embrace. You will fill in with the gaps that you will be able to reach it when you try it one or two more times. Learning helps you to analyze what were the things that you forgot to accomplish during the last failed attempt to win the crown.

13. Try and try until you succeed: Remember that beauty queens previously tried several attempts before winning the pageant. For example, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach had three attempts to clinch the title as Miss Universe Philippines, but did well to make her as the third filipina to win Miss Universe title. Perseverance is the key for you to stick back on your ambitions in order to become successful with your dreams.

14. Redo steps 1 to 5: Most of us fail to become beauty queen titleholders because we did not take responsibility by improving your shape and maintaining our diet discipline. There are candidates who were immediately rejected to be included with the screening because they appear too fat. Always start having a disciplined diet, moving out from unhealthy lifestyle, and start loving to do more workouts to shape up your body.

15. Be positive: Being optimistic in life will always bring you to a direction where it can significantly change and improve your life. If you have doubts, drama queen attitude, and rude, you will never find peace for yourself that could affect your lifestyle. You should open to new opportunities because this will put yourself more chances to become productive and successful with your thoughts and ambitions.

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