Hours after a moderate magnitude  5.1 quake that was felt at the Northeastern Chinese region, North Korea finally admitted that it had successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. The explosion was so strong, it created an artificial natural disaster that tremored North Korea and its nearby countries. The explosion was part of the country's nuclear program that is still creating political and security concerns all over the world.

The latest announcement of the North Korean state media irked numerous countries all over the world due to the threat to worldwide security, especially to its nearby countries. North Korea has been known to be one of the few countries who are still engaged in nuclear development as the country is one of the highly militarized in the world, ranking 4th behind China, United States, and Russia. North Korea still remains as the most isolated country in the world since the Cold War. The leader and its government are currently holding up against the world due to its totalitarian regime that is causing a threat to nearby countries.
North Korea detonated another nuclear weapon, concerning nearby countries in Eastern Asian region
Western countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand condemn the recent nuclear test. They indicated that the act would mean that there will be a significant nuclear threat that could affect peace and prosperity around the world. China and Russia may seem to be silent about the matter but they are also concerned about the actions of North Korea due to its security and environmental consequences to their community.

North Korea is the remaining country in the world that is still practicing a totalitarian regime that is not open to any country in the world in order to engage in bilateral relationships with other foreign countries. The country's political image is considered as a post-Soviet supported country that is still challenging the western societies all over the world. As a totalitarian regime, the country's political system is compared similarly from the past communist-ruled countries in the world that are against capitalism.

A magnitude 5.1 quake can produce an intensity 6, which is already significant to cause damage to properties. One example is when your walls or floors start to create cracks due to the sheer force of the tremor that can weaken the foundation of your beloved structure. Even a smaller damage can grow into a bigger or larger damage if there will be future quakes that could happen in the near future.

The nuclear weapon that has been detonated was a hydrogen bomb, which is one of the most dangerous nuclear weapons in the world. Each detonation can generate at least millions of times of energy wherein it releases a shock wave that can wipe out an entire civilization. One example of a successful hydrogen bomb detonation was during the World War II when the United States detonated Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan.

North Korea is a country that should not be taken for granted. The country is known for its aggressiveness when it comes so engaging in military threats to other countries. South Korea has been always preparing its military such as developing machinery and steadily training all of its citizens due to the threat of North Korean military to their nation.

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