Look!! the blue gown replica of Pia Wurtzbach is seen on a local pageant in Quiapo, Manila Philipines. Basing from the video, you can see that all the details of Pia's gown have been perfectly replicated by an inspired designer. The shuffles are matched with the real gown as well as the replica. The person wearing the gown is a candidate for the local Miss Gay pageant, in which the candidate is also representing the screen name of Pia Wurtzbach.

Blue is now considered the symbol of royalty. This is the reason why there are numerous beauty queens, pageant contestants, and celebrities who wants to create similar dress or similar color. The color accentuates the essence of glamour as the user of the dress that is colored with royal blue can help to promote unity for the person who is using the wardrobe in order to show to the world that they are confidently beautiful with a heart.
Spot the difference between the original gown of Pia Wurtzbach and a local pageant candidate
The phenomenal fever of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is still making more and more news. You can see everywhere that you can see a variety of videos, photos, and articles that are still popping up by the media all over the world. Numerous memes are still published throughout social media and entertainment websites, detailing Miss Universe, Miss Colombia, Steve Harvey, and the Miss Universe production.

The video was uploaded by Ken John Tor, which was an audience from that particular local pageant in the capital city. Ken uploaded to his personal social media profile while attending the event in the evening. He was amazed to see how the dress was perfectly and neatly copied by the designer of the gown who was then worn by the candidate who was seen to be showing her off as Pia Wurtzbach.

The candidate's facial features also look like Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach as seen from the video. Her hair has been styled with a lower bun, creating a similar style with the beauty queen during the coronation night. As she poses in front of the stage, the details of the gown's prominent feature on its back that is now being emphasized by the candidate as she turns back to reveal her striped gown that amazed the audiences.

Looks like there will be more designers who will be more inspired by basing the design of the gown to create their uniqe gowns. Day by day, there are more similar designs seen from several pageants around the world. Some are designed by experts who were requested by several celebrities to make them look like the winner of the pageant while laying their gown to the audiences at formal occassions.

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Watch the replica gown here

In international pageants, the Philippines has always a very large fan base. Thanks to frequent local pageants that are being health to every corner of the country, making local spectators as an instant followers of the pageant. These means that every resident in the country considers local pageants as a serious thing because they always follow pageants in either local or international setting by watching it or reading news about the events.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is the third woman to win Miss Universe after Margie Moran in 1973 and Gloria Diaz in 1974. This makes Miss Universe ratings to surge  higher because the fans of the winner can't get enough of her. Another reason is the controversial announcement of Steve Harvey during the coronation night. Not sure why the host committed a terrible mistake since he is a known professional host.

The reigning Miss Universe is expected to have more memes, photos, re-enactments, and accessory replicas. This is because Pia continues to inspire billions of pageant fanatics all over the world.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is expected to come home to the Philippines after her reign as the 64th Miss Universe. This will be expected when she will be crowning her successor and might return back to the Philippines along with the representative of the country in this year's pageant. The Philippine government, as well as the Binibining Pilipinas organization, will be organizing an extravagant welcome party as their bet have eventually won the most coveted international pageant that is followed by billions of fans all over the world.

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