A viral photo and video of a group of men firing their loaded guns into the air on New Year's Eve. They thought it was a good thing to do while welcoming New Year by firing multiple shots into the air. However, they became unsuspectingly online sensations as their photos and videos were found out by netizens and started sharing it to their respective newsfeeds. It has been an unusual way of celebrating New Year while using a highly lethal weapon in order to welcome a year with a big bang into the atmosphere.

During the New Year's Eve, a group of male celebrants decided to make their night different. This time, using firearms is the best way they thought that could fulfill their joy and happiness to welcome New Year. However, they were at risk for causing a significant threat to life as well as health risks to anyone who will be shot from their bullets that they fired into the air. Nevertheless, these men still decided to do it despite from the consequences that they will be encountering in the future by the public and they do not see any problem at all.
Indiscriminate firing is highly dangerous to the safety of the public

The one person is identified as Edgardo Quinit who uploaded multiple photos and videos online. a facebook page is created to draw attention to this particular facebook user who was responsible for posting photos and videos of them firing guns during New Year's eve. As based from the photos and videos posted online, at least, eight people who were involved from the incident that were happily firing their lethal weapons.

The Philippine authority prohibits the use of guns and other high powered devices especially during Christmas and New Year holidays. However, there are still stubborn individuals who still violate this prohibition that risks the safety and security of the general public.

Watch the group that fires several guns into the atmosphere

Aside from banning all kinds of gun use, authorities are also advising the public to refrain from using firecrackers and fireworks during holidays due to the risk of health and safety. Each year, there are numerous cases of injuries associated with firecrackers and fireworks use all over the world.

Stray bullets are the most concerning scenario. The most fearful scenario that can be experienced by anyone when welcoming New Year is being hit by a stray bullet. One shot can already take your life in just a snap.

Victims of stray bullets reported by the security and health authorities admit that finding the perpetrator is a challenging task because they are having a hard time investigating the person who was responsible for firing the weapon.

Police authorities in the Philippines have already documented 43 cases of deadly stray bullet injuries.

One year past, an 11-year-old girl just want to welcome New Year at 12 in the evening when a stray bullet instantly killed her when she was standing and cheering with her family in Manila, Philippines. The suspect was sadly not yet found by the authorities.

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