Since the beginning of the 21st century, a new threat has begun. Muslim countries around the world are now experiencing some of the highest security threats due to the rise of terrorist organizations and their networks. There were mass killings made by terrorist groups that are now causing massive atrocities to the affected areas. Western countries are also being targetted in order to spill the word of terrorism that is always seeking for a large-scale destruction to their communities.

It is very sad to know that Islam is considered the most hated religion in the world. This is brought about by the escalation of violence made by the terrorist group who are using Jihad as a tool for them to corrupt the minds of the Muslim world. While terrorist organizations are advocating ultra-Islamist conservativism, the ideological principle became risky enough to cause a significant disruption to the safety of the society. For this issue, the relationship of Muslims to other non-Muslim world escalated segregation due to fear of being persecuted by Jihadist militants responsible for propagating violence in the community.
Authorities in Ramadi, Iraq are now driving ISIS away responsible for causing Islamophobia to the world
Since terrorist organizations are Islams, they are being radicalized by their founders who has been corrupted by the wrong principles of Jihad. This is termed as Holy war that promotes violence while spreading the word of their prophet or God. Jihadists are against other religions because they aim to promote Islam by ordering non-Muslim believers to convert into Islam. Persistent individuals who rejected religious conversion are instantly killed, which is the most fearful fate for those being victimized by the terrorist groups.

One of the most unpleasant scenarios was when westerners who were radicalized by Jihadists turned against the society by means of promoting mass destruction that happened in Paris on the night of November 8, 2015. It was one of the largest terrorist campaign committed by a Jihadist organization in a foreign nation. France is considered as the heart of the Europe, a vital center for the terrorist to bombard mass destruction missions.

What is Islamophobia? Since the evolution of terrorist organizations, Islamophobia became a significant social issue. This is referred as a fear experienced by non-Muslims against Muslims. As a personal sentiment towards Muslims, this is considered as a prejudice because it hurts our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters because not all Muslims are law-breakers. Negative emotions towards Muslims promotes issues of hatred, fear, and dread towards Muslim followers.

In the field of psychology, Islamophobia is a type of phobia that is concentrated on having a psychological anxiety towards Muslims. There are several leaders who are sadly creating an attention due to their hateful speech or remarks against Muslims by flashing them out of their country. There are several mosques around the world that are being ransacked by vigilant groups who are promoting anti-Islam sentiments to their own communities.

Attributed causes of Islamophobia

Terrorism is the main cause for generating fear and hatred towards Muslims. This is because Jihadists were responsible for falsely using the word of Allah in order to promote violence towards non-Muslims. Terrorism has not been taken into consideration as a serious cause until an incident happened on September 11, 2001, when terrorists bombed the United States of America.

The Radicalization of foreigners is also being blamed for the generation of anti-Muslim sentiments. Terrorist organizations have been targeting individuals who are depressed and have been known to starting isolating themselves to the society. Suicidal individuals are also being radicalized because they create a perfect recipe for a disaster by tricking them to wear bomb vests in order to create coercion to a populated place in a certain busy community.

The increase in the numbers of terror-related incidents across the community has been responsible for generating more individuals and groups who are now being involved with causing hateful remarks towards Muslims.

Islamophobia are advised by many leaders around the world not to be condoned for the reason that it only promotes hatred towards other individuals. The essence of peace and unity will not be maximized if there are individuals who continue to promote violence towards others due to anti-Muslim sentiments.

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