After more than two weeks of silence, Miss Colombia Universe 2015 and Miss Universe 2015 first runner-up Ariadna Gutierrez will finally meet face to face with Steve Harvey. It was clear that Ariadna has had already made up her mind to clear up everything so that she can finally move on from the gaffe of Miss Universe coronation night. Ariadna was mistakenly crowned as the winner, which in fact, Philippines won the title that created an online rage to various social media websites all over the world.

Colombia was very upset after she was initially called as the winner of the pageant. However, Steve Harvey did not notice that he was already having vision problems, prompting him to read the wrong winner during the final's night. Everyone were shocked to find out that the real winner was the Philippines. Many Colombians were outraged by Steve Harvey's comments, lamenting his grave misconduct that affected many Colombians. Steve Harvey was obviously responsible for creating a rift between the Filipinos and the Colombians due to his wrong announcement during the coronation night of Miss Universe 2015.
Steve Harvey and Ariadna Gutierrez will be scheduled to meet face to face
The most awaited meeting will be announced anytime soon as Ariadna Gutierrez will interactively speak with Steve Harvey. She will be given the chance to acknowledge Steve's apology on air, which is a rare opportunity for a person who deserve to make a live apology that can be seen by millions of audiences around the world. Steve Harvey will be surely delighted with this opportunity as his mistake took a serious downturn toward's Ariadna's emotional integrity. The mistake also took a serious outrage across Colombia for committing a terrible mistake in front of the crowd during the coronation night of the most anticipated international pageant in the world.

Steve Harvey was the host of the 64th edition of the Miss Universe pageant that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. During the announcement of the winner, Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner of the pageant while the real winner that was indicated is Miss Philippines from the elimination card. Ariadna Gutierrez was already crowned and awarded with the sash and bouquet. She started waving to the audience for four minuted until Steve Harvey was then pressured by the organizers to fix his terrible mistake and announced the rightful winner of the pageant.

Ariadna was obviously appeared to be in shock in front of the stage. Several photos surfaced online after the event that showed her to be grieving from the mistake that was wrongfully announced by Steve Harvey. As a result, it created a chaos among the candidates. There were other contestants who started voicing out their disappointments over the issue.

Miss Universe 2015 was then eventually announced, giving the crown to Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. On January 5, 2016, the reigning winner indicated that she understands how Ariadna feels regarding the announcement mishap. She could also feel the same way if the situation goes the other way around. Pia will also feel humiliated and might as well make statements that would tell the media that she really is disappointed with the mistake.

It is not clear if Ariadna will be really guesting in one of the shows of Steve Harvey. The host will be surely happy if he will eventually meet Ariadna and will finally conclude the controversy between the two. Steve previously indicated that he tried to initiate contact with Ariadna; however, Ariadna is not responding to his message due to the most embarrassing and humiliating scandal that significantly affected her emotional well-being.

In the history of Miss Universe pageant, the incident involving the wrong announcement was the first to happen in the pageant by unintentionally announcing the wrong winner. Many are still speculating up to this point that the actions made by Steve Harvey considered to be intentional in order to increase the pageant's rating as it is now being handled by a new management.

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