A local commercial model celebrity in Thailand is now a new beauty queen. Chalita Suasansee wins Miss Universe Thailand 2016 and she gained the license to represent Thailand for the upcoming Miss Universe 2016 pageant that will be held either later this year or January of 2017. Chalita never failed to impress her pageant fans who are rooting for her to win for Miss Universe Thailand 2016. She will now officially banner the flag of Thailand for the upcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Chalita is one of the favorite contestants by pageant fanatics and critics who were predicting their favorite contestants to win the crown. She is also followed by several pageant analysts who always determines the candidate to have the highest chances of winning Miss Thailand Universe 2016. After winning the national pageant, Chalita is set to start her training and seminar workshops to further improve her skills in the world of beauty pageantry. She will be trained by beauty pageant trainers who are based in Thailand to improve her overall skills in presenting her beauty pageantry skills.
Chalita Suasansee is Miss Universe Thailand 2016 with other winners on the left
Miss Universe Thailand 2016 was held on July 23, 2016 at the Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. Outgoing Miss Universe Thailand 2015 Aniporn Chalermburanawong passed her crown to Chalita Suasansee as the new beauty queen. Chalita is also expected to absorb the pressure to continue their semi-finalist streak in Miss Universe after Aniporn made it to the top 10 of Miss Universe that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chalita's win made positive remarks from various pageant critics and organizers. Her beauty is unique that is believed by Thai fans and foreigners rooting for her to have another chance to penetrate the semi-finalist spot in Miss Universe 2016. Pageant critics believe that she can further improve her skills because she has been trained by a local beauty pageant centers in Bangkok. With further trainings and workshops, she can perfectly do well in Miss Universe. With the help of Aniporn, the latest Miss Thailand to penetrate Miss Universe 2015 semi-finalist, Chalita is optimistic that she can learn more from her predecessor.

The current and new Miss Universe Thailand 2016 is expected to further improve her skills in the runway. She will be taught to analyze her catwalk skills, which is one of the most important aspects to consider because Miss Universe is the most competitive international beauty pageant in the world. Chalita will also set to improve her communication skills as she will be trained further so that she can efficiently express her opinions with other individuals or groups from other nationalities.

Chalita's runner-up is Adcharee Buakhiao, which will represent Thailand for Miss Earth 2016. The second runner-up is Miss Lapatthida Kongraphan, which will be later assigned to another international beauty pageant competition. Rounding up for Top 5 is Sornsarot Vittayaruengsook and Miss Nutnaree Boonsiri.

However, super fan favorite Kung Kusuma did not make it to the top 5 slot. She only made it to top 15 in Miss Universe Thailand 2016. Kusuma's fans are enraged due a disappointing finish at the pageant.

Miss Thailand Universe 2016 is Chalita's first major beauty pageant, which she just claimed it and granted the license to represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2016 pageant that is believed to be held in the Philippines later this year.

If Chalita cannot fulfill her duties as Miss Universe Thailand 2016, her first runner-up will take over. If that happens, Miss Adcharee Buakhiao will represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2016 and Miss Lapatthida Kongraphan will represent Miss Earth 2016.

Prior to joining Miss Universe Thailand 2016, Chalita is already a familiar face in Thailand, appearing in local magazines and local television commercial while endorsing certain products.

Chalita Suasansee was born in Nothaburi, which is a metropolitan area just outside of Bangkok. She later moved to Thailand's capital due to numerous modelling offers as her main bread and butter or professional career.

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