With the growing tensions in the South China Sea, many security analysts are now weighing in with the possibility that China will be waging war with other countries in Southeast Asia. This is due to its militarization to several islands in the South China Sea where the country claims that it is theirs.China's aggressive actions are now causing intimidation to its neighbors not only in Southeast Asia, but also countries in East Asia such as Japan and South Korea. This situation should not be taken for granted because it brings a significant threat to international communities around the world.

China's aggression is now causing an international security concern because the country continuous to make waves internationally by intensifying its territorial expansion on its borders. Not only in the South China Sea, China is also in a spat with Japan in the East China Sea. China is also creating border disputes with India in the Himalaya region on its South and Southwestern part of the country that is irking countries in the South Asian region.
China does not want war even if they are aggressively occupying the whole of South China Sea and East China Sea
China is considered as the new rival for the western coalition forces. This is because it is a second-world country, in which it advocates the political principle of communism and socialism. The country is now dominating the world of communist movement that is believed to have already replaced Russia as the new concern for the western forces around the world.

China is the world's most populous country in the world. This means that the country has a more than adequate numbers of human resources in order to power its military facilities that is a new threat to its nearby countries. The country has the largest active military personnel, amounting to at least 1.4 million troops, which is considered enough to fill an entire population of an entire small country scattered around the world. But China is not yet confirming anything about threatening to initiate a military intervention in order to permanently expand its territory around the world.

Aside from having the world's largest population, China is also the world's second richest economy in the world. In 2014, the country has successfully surpassed Japan's wealth and is now threatening to overtake the wealth of the United States in just a few years. This is obvious that the country is financially capable enough to purchase military facilities, building a new base to establish new military centers, and it can generate its own artilleries to fuel its military ambitions.

However, China assures that despite from the current territorial conflicts, there will be no imminent war or any military conflict that can impact the world. It is clear that there are still no new threats that can be assured to international communities around the world.

10 reasons why China will not start a new war

1. China still prefers diplomacy: China maintains that their country wants to ensure peace and prosperity around the world. War is not an option to clear all differences with other countries around the world because each country has the right to live in peace and harmony with other nationalities. So the option of war is not applicable according to the most of the Chinese leaders that were being voiced out during their public speech to local and international media.

2. China is open to negotiations: As a country that is always advocating peace, negotiations is the key in order to improve their relationships with other countries. It is important to allow peaceful negotiations to materialize even if there are differences between the affected countries towards China. Negotiations will always allow concerns to surface between the involved countries with the Chinese government to settle any miscommunications and misunderstandings in the long run.

3. Chinese citizens do not want war: If you think that Chinese are happy with the ongoing rifts between China and its neighbors? Chinese citizens think otherwise. Most Chinese are not in favor of a war that can be raised by China with its neighbors. Most of its residents think that it can affect the security of their country because being involved in a war is something that is considered the most undesirable issue that can happen to a certain community.

4. It costs a significant amount of money: It is said that a country that will declare war against their other neighbors, they will be also responsible for paying all the damages or costs after the war. China would surely not want that thing to happen because they can lose trillions of dollars worth of costs in order to rebuild all destroyed communities of any affected country. The economy of China will significantly decline if they restitute to military conflicts against other neighbors.

5. International pressure by western allies: China is being pressured by the western coalition forces to prevent any military intervention associated with the expansion of territory. Western allies warn China to face consequences whenever there will be an imminent threat to security to its neighboring countries in Asia. This is a response to any security risks that could cause worldwide problems not only in Asia but around the world.

6. China wants to preserve peace: China may be aggressive, but leaders still prefer a peaceful resolution to every international pressure that it affects its local and international interests. Peace is an important measurement for a country who wants to ensure that there will be no threat of harm that can impact any community in the world. Peace is the best solution to prevent any misunderstandings that can promote prosperity across the Asia-Pacific region.

7. China loses all islands in the South China Sea: If there will be a war that can erupt anytime, China will lose its territorial claims in the South China Sea completely. Claimant countries will take advantage on claiming their territory once that China loses its military intervention through the use of force and coercion. Military leaders in China takes a careful consideration with regards to their management of their claimed islands in the South China Sea.

8. Russia is against China's militarization in East China Sea and South China Sea: Even if Russia is a communist ally of China, it also condemns any military aggression that can further strain relationships with other countries in Asia. Russia is advising China to control its territorial expansion and aggression to its neighbors because one mistake can cause a massive uprising against its neighboring countries. Russia is neutral because seem to be already tired of engaging in territorial and political disputes as based from their historical nature.

9. China can lose its support from its African allies: Africa is currently building their trust with China as they allow all Chinese companies to invest and engage in business in Africa. If China will initiate military aggression to South China Sea, African Union will start sanctioning China by means of boycotting all their political, economic, and social ties with the nation as they will become dismayed by the actions taken by China to its neighboring countries.

10. China will be isolated from the world: China never underestimated the power of its Asian neighbors. Neighboring countries such as India, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Russia, and the whole of Southeast Asian region can combine their force that can become a greater threat with the political and economic force of China. Another force that will concern China are the Arab Union, African Union, European Union, Nato, and Latin American Union that can further degrade its ability to dominate its military force in the world.

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