Freedom of Information Bill has been stirring up a controversy due to fears of government officials to reveal their hidden wealth that was not indicated in their statement of assets and liabilities. Every country has the jurisdiction to sign a law that allows freedom to access information that provides a vital access by investigators who wants to prove a certain fact. This is the reason why Freedom of Information bill is very important for every country around the world in order to ensure that there is a fair justice applied for every investigation by an investigating panel or agency.

The latest Freedom of Information Bill has just been signed by the President of the Philippines, which is a major breakthrough to access all information for both private and public officials to prove to their constituents that they are not hiding anything to the public. The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte signed the new law as part of its Executive Order to grant Freedom of Information, which is another latest achievement. This is to ensure that justice can further prevail to the Philippine society by allowing access to information by an investigating panel to confirm any disputes or controversies concerning with any project linked with a government agency, group, or individual.
President Duterte signs Freedom of Information Bill into law
Freedom of information is controversial because there are interest groups opposing this law. These are mostly from the government side who wants to keep their personal information private from the public. Private individuals who do not want their information to be revealed are also considering a repeal this law to protect their privacy from any investigating agency who might expose their personal details to the public.

The latest law that has just signed by the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is considered a part of his administration's campaign to curb graft and corruption in the country. As a president, he wants to make sure that the Philippines can lessen its corruption image in the world. Freedom of Information Bill can ensure that government officials can proudly reveal their statements of assets and liabilities without hiding anything that can be linked to corruption or any suspicious wealth. President Duterte gained another positive remark as he considers privacy and freedom of expression is a serious human right to be always preserved and respected.

Freedom of Information Bill is a law that allows any government officials person of interest, group, or private organizations to share their information that is under their discretion to any interested party. This is considered a freedom of speech extension, which is a human right fundamental that is applied by both local and international laws. Freedom of Information Bill is a law that allows medium that are both in oral and in written form that prevents falsification, duplication, and stealing of any intellectual information as based on the laws implemented by both local and international governing body.

Here are 5 interesting reasons why Freedom of Information Bill is important

1. Attempt to lower graft and corruption practices: For every country and its leaders, lowering corruption is one of the most critical vision to prevent unethical and illegal practices by a corrupt individual, group, or organization. Graft and corruption are always responsible for degrading the political integrity of a nation. The economic performance can underperform due to corrupt officials who are always linked to suspicious activities such as malversation of funds.

2. Improve the right to privacy: For every individual, privacy is an important human right that should be always respected by an operating institution. The right to privacy will be further empowered because each individual, a group, or organization can further protect their confidential information to any individual who attempts to exploit and expose their personal information. Justice against information exploitation can be easily claimed by the offended party or the victim of information abuse.

3. Makes investigation more efficient and accurate: Information that lacks inaccurate or inefficient facts and proof lessens the credibility of any fact that is under investigation. If the investigating party is unable to provide an accurate proof of a fact, there will be a risk that a case will be denied by the jury who is responsible for handling the case. Correct information gathered from a reputable source enables the investigating panel or entity to have a more reliable source of information to strengthen the validity of the issue or a fact presented to the jury.

4. Intimidates corrupt officials: While graft and corruption practices are aimed to be lowered, officials who have had past corrupt practices will no longer repeat similar offenses in the future. Corrupt practices can stop or lowered because officials are concerned about getting caught by an investigating agency responsible for detecting any anomalies being reflected from their accounts or balances. Intimidation is one of the most efficient ways to provoke fear for corrupt officials to quit their illegal practice before they suffer any legal or ethical consequences in the future.

5. Allow the public to be always informed: Freedom of information plays a critical role to the public. Every person has the right to be informed on every activity or issue that is being governed by either public or private institution in order to increase their knowledge regarding a certain fact. For this reason, being always informed can save an individual or group from any hazards such as accidents, criminal activities, and health risks.

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