In a tropical country such as the Philippines, numerous natural phenomenon that is not usually being reported by the media due to its geographically challenged islands. On July 24, 2016, a tornado touched down in Embarcaderro-Puro Boulevard in Legazpi City, Albay Province, Philippines. The natural phenomenon attracted an attention to the residents, motorists, and tourists in the area as they were shocked to see a rare sight in that particular place.

The photo was taken at approximately between 4 to 5 pm in the afternoon when it appeared near a highway. The tornado was seen clearly as it passed by in an uninhabited area. The photo was taken and uploaded by Joey Sarte Salceda on his Facebook account. Joey Salceda is the incumbent governor of the Province of Albay. His set of photos is now circulating on Facebook, which shows the magnificent beauty of a natural phenomenon that displays its beauty to the scene, but deadly when you are going near with it.
A tornado in Legazpi City, Albay Province in the Philippines
As based on the photo, the tornado's funnel cloud is very visible on the horizon, being attached to the ground while rolling like a strand of rope. The natural phenomenon made a magnificent view on the background of the photo, blending with the natural landscape between the thick coconut tree forest and the mountains. The view made a spectacular scene in the province, displaying a rare sight brought about by Mother Nature's true beauty.

As the tornado provided a rare glimpse on how Mother Nature resent its true beauty to the environment, it is now causing a safety threat to the motorists who were currently passing by to the highway. Motorists in the area have to wait for the tornado to pass through by crossing the highway before resuming to pass through the road to prevent any safety risks that might be affected by the Mother Nature's fury.

It is a good thing that no fatalities or injuries were reported from the scene of the incident. However, the estimated value of any properties and other infrastructures in the area have yet to be determined by the authorities and affected residents in the area. Tornadoes are known to cause a significant hazard to any affected area due to strong swirling winds that can reach up to at least 300 kilometers per hour. The incident visibly indicates that it is too dangerous to get near the tornado to prevent being swept by its damaging winds. Debris carried by the tornados also poses a significant threat to safety as well as injuries to anyone near its path.

A tornado forms when the cool air from the ground rises up suddenly, interacting with the cooler air from above the atmosphere. The warm air will then push the swirling jet stream at the atmosphere, creating a swirling wind on the ground.

The Philippines is a tropical country that regularly experiences thunderstorms that are sometimes accompanied by tornadoes or waterspouts like the set of photos being displayed above.

The tornado is believed to be an F1 tornado, with a packing winds between 60 to 100 kilometers per hour. This strength is already capable of carrying a car, destroying homes, and can tear up anything in its path.

When this natural phenomenon strikes a populated area, a significant damage can cost hundreds of thousands worth of damage, due to its destructive force.

When a tornado strikes in your area, it is always important to seek for shelter to prevent any threat of flying debris that can act like a flying missile.

The Philippine archipelago is no stranger to tornado because every week, there are multiple reported tornadoes or waterspouts across the archipelago as reported by the residents and authorities. Due to the country's geographical location, the islands often experiences regular isolated thunderstorms, hailstorms, waterspouts and tornadoes.

Residents or any person near the area advised to immediately vacate the path of the tornado to prevent any hazards or risks to safety that can be brought about by the storm.

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