A photo of a male celebrity in the Philippines is drawing netizen's curiosity over the social media. Piolo Pascual being hugged by his son has been circulating on various social media websites due to numerous malicious thoughts by netizens. Photos are circulating due to the thoughts of netizens who are thinking negatively aggravated by their imaginary perceptions. Piolo is concerned how netizens drive their imagination in a bizarre way to a photo that is only showing an ordinary way of how you treat a family member with respect.

The photo was taken from a certain "Moi's" Instagram account, which is Piolo Pascual's personal assistant. She posted the photo of Piolo's son hugging him because she felt that sharing father's love through social media helps to raise awareness how a parent's love can empower their family relationship with their child or children. She is sharing the photo on her social media account because she believes that a photo of a father's love deserves to let the world know that single parents have the right to express their deeds as a proud father or mother.
Philippine celebrity Piolo Pascual hugged by his son, Inigo Pascual
The description of the photo shows that Inigo Pascual, which is in his teens is seen lying in a prone position while hugging his father. While Piolo was lying in a supine position, which partially under Inigo's upper body part. both are lying in a mirrored room's corner that is placed with a thick matt with numerous large pillows surrounding them.

Piolo Pascual indicated that he and his son haven't seen each other for two months. This was due to hectic schedules at work such as tapings, special events preparations, commercial tapings, and other showbusiness affairs. Both are very busy with their schedule that always consumes their time to rest and especially to have a supposed time to bond with each other as father and son. The two seldom meet each other, since that Inigo is a rising teenage local actor. Inigo is now being considered by several brands and entertainment events due to his popularity that can freshly carry their brand to the public.

Both Piolo Pascual and Inigo are dismayed by the reactions of netizens due to various imaginations that have been commented beyond their behalf. Netizens starting to comment inappropriate issues by trying to misquote their relationship as father and son. Piolo is disappointed by the malicious commentaries that are way below the belt because it is already personal and it is out of the line against their dignity as individuals and as celebrities. Piolo is 39 while his son is 19, a 20 year age-gap.

For those who might not recognize them, some will always say that they are basically a same-gender couple, showing their romantic relationship by hugging each other on social media. However, it is not because they are actual father and son.

Piolo Pascual became a father at a very young age. And now, his son is an adult. Piolo's health conscious attitude makes himself physically fit, even if he is already nearing the age of 40. When you look at them, they seem like friends or something else.

The patriarch commented that negative-minded individuals should be always ignored because they can waste time, energy, and effort. A person that has a close-minded perception always use their imagination and thoughts just to tell stories that are inappropriate and unacceptable just to satisfy their curiosity.

Inigo hugged him so tight because he finally had the time to be with his father after two long months of having a busy schedule. Even if Inigo experiences a very busy schedule, he always finds his time to be with his father to maintain their strong bond.

Inigo Pascual can be locally watched in various telenovelas in the Philippines, which are sometimes aired in other countries around the world under the license of the releasing entertainment network operating in the country.

As an ordinary person in a celebrity status, Piolo indicated it is better to shrug off unnecessary issues because there are better things to concentrate in life than to give way for your bashers to get into your life.

This can be done by just focusing on your career as a celebrity because for as long as you entertain the public, you will always be rewarded with blessings that continue to change or transform your life.

As a father, he is very thankful that his son gives his time to bond with him, which is one of the most wonderful things that your child can offer for their parents.

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