The 65th edition of Miss Universe, which will be held on January 30, 2017, has just already been confirmed through its announcement. The announcement was made last July 29, 2016, by the Department of Tourism in Manila, Philippines. The Philippine's Tourism Secretary confirmed that the upcoming Miss Universe will now take place in the country. Venues and hotel accommodations are still being negotiated by the Philippine government, the Miss Universe Organization, and the sponsors who will be providing these facilities for the hosts, delegates, and organizers of the pageant.

Pageant fanatics from all over the world are now excited to know that the Philippines is the next country to host the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Some are already planning to visit the Philippines to watch Miss Universe beauty pageant that will happen next year. This is the same for the Filipino people to be proud that their country is the chosen one to host the next edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant.
Philippines is a diverse country that can successfully satisfy Miss Universe hosting the event and promoting tourism

Miss Universe Organization recently went to the Philippines in July to personally approach the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Along with the Miss Universe Organization is the reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. The team made a courtesy call to the newly elected president as they head to the Malacanang Palace to formalize their negotiations to held the next edition to the Philippines.

Just a few weeks after the Miss Universe Organization and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach visited the Philippines, the pageant is now set to be organized on January 30, 3016. Pageant enthusiasts, experts, delegates, organizers, and supporters are very much happy to know that the event is going to return to Southeast Asia. The date of the pageant is perfect for all delegates because the country is held in a tropical nation in Asia.

Although the Philippine government can either spend less or not to spend at all with the event, there are still numerous sponsors who will grace the event. One confirmed sponsor is Banco De Oro and SM group of companies, which will finance and provide the event for the staging of Miss Universe. Okada's Entertainment City is also the perfect facility to provide accommodations for the delegates, pageant organizers, and several government employees to help with the organizing of the event in January.

Here are the 10 shockingly beautiful reasons why the Philippines can successfully host 65th edition of Miss Universe

1. Past hosting of Miss Universe beauty pageant: The Philippines already hosted Miss Universe twice in 1974 and in 1994. The country will be hosting the pageant for the third time in 2017, which will happen on January 30. The Miss Universe Organization is probably searching for a country that has had already hosted the pageant from the past years.
Miss Universe 1974 Amparo Munoz at left and Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen

2. Hosted other international beauty pageants: The Philippines hosted several international beauty pageants that were held in its key cities and towns all over the country. Some of these pageants are Miss Earth, Misters of the Philippines, Miss Cultural Heritage, and Miss Asia-Pacific international beauty pageants. In the future, more pageants will be hosted by this country as there are numerous pageant enthusiasts responsible for organizing and materializing the event.

Miss Asia-Pacific 2000 Dia Mirza from India on left and Miss Earth logo on the right
3. The climate is perfect: The Philippines is a tropical archipelagic country situated just a few hundred miles north of the equator. The climate is warm and humid all year long, making it a favorable destination for any visitor who will be traveling to the country. Countries near the north pole will be delighted to travel to the Philippines and experience a tropical getaway while competing with the most interesting pageant in the universe.

Philippine archipelago is located in Southeast Asia
4. English is the mode of communication: The Philippines is known for being a country as the 3rd English speaking countries in the world that were not colonized by the United Kingdom. Everywhere you go, you can easily communicate with the locals in the Philippines. English literacy in the Philippines is very high at an average of 96%, making it as one of the largest English-speaking nations in the world with the exception of English speaking nations.

Every Filipino can speak English
5. Thriving economic environment: Speaking of competitiveness, the economy of the Philippines is currently one of the fastest in the world. There are numerous business organizations who are now establishing their facilities to ensure that their competitiveness with their business environment becomes more reliable, productive, and patronized. A stream of hotels, shopping malls, entertainment facilities, and cultural sites are available across the country in order to cater visitors.

The economy of the Philippines is just right to host several international events

6. Taste Filipino foods: Philippine cuisine is a variety of cultural melting pot from all over the world.  The cuisine is based on the variety of past colonial systems who influenced their cuisine to the Philippines. Some of these mouth-watering recipes are adobo, sinigang, sisig, kare-kare, and halo-halo. Filipino cuisine is considered different from its spicy Southeast Asian cuisine due to a historic influence from other countries and cultures.

Tasty Filipino dishes you could try at home
7. Beach paradise: Miss Universe wants to explore numerous beaches all over the country. Due to the location of the country, there are numerous pristine beaches for every tourist to visit. The country is an archipelago, one of the largest in the world, secondary to Indonesia. Miss Universe delegates could experience hoping to its white sand, pink sand, and brown sand beaches scattered all over the country.

Beaches are one of the most anticipated spots in the Philippines

8. Beautiful and handsome Filipinos: No wonder every year, Philippines win international pageants. The Philippines also bolster its natural beauties through its pretty and good-looking citizens. The overall appearance of Filipinos race is a mixed of Indo-Malay, Chinese, Arab, Pacific Islanders. Most citizens prefer to have a natural beauty with a tanned skin, which represents their Filipino appearance that is different from their Asian counterparts. No wonder many tourists are amazed by the natural beauty of Filipinos when they visit the Philippines.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach  on left and Mister International 2015 Neil Perez on the right

9. Cleaner and brighter country:  Miss Universe delegates will be shocked if they see that Philippines is a clean country. The new administration of Philippine government has been very serious about its clean-up drive in order to ensure that each community is very clean and pleasant to visit. Clean-up drive has been an efficient way to allow each community to have a positive impression when they visit the Philippines.

Miss Universe delegates will always pass through Roxas boulevard in Metro Manila

10. Culturally rich country: If you are in the Philippines, you will enjoy staying in the country, which is one of the best reasons why Miss Universe should be here. Delegates and tourists will be having numerous opportunities to experience heritage sites in the country, which is one of the most unique in the world. They can visit old relics and existing structure built from the past colonizers, settlers, and governments across the country.

You can visit old cities and structures in the Philippines

This means that visiting is more fun in the Philippines!!!!


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