Having problems with the availability of your schedule to watch President Duterte's first ever State of the Nation Address? no problem. You can always watch his live streaming video online. As an avid supporter of the new government, it is an important thing for you to watch your leader speaks in front of millions of people who are waiting for his speech to address the nation with his visions and values. Watching live stream is important because you are able to have a more convenient way to listen to your leader at the comfort of your home.

As an avid supporter, a leader's speech is always important because you are motivated by each word being verbalized. His thoughts and vision empower your mind and vision to become enlightened with all the plans and actions that can be expected throughout his leadership over the years. By listening to your leader's vision, you would be able to understand what is going on with his goals and actions in order to become aware what will happen to your community for the next days to come under his leadership.
President Duterte's live stream
This live stream is brought to you by the Presidential Communication's Group, which is the official communication agency of Duterte's administration. The Presidential Communication's Group is headed by Secretary Martin Andanar. He will now be officiating the communication's agency, which is under the authority of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The duration of the State of the Nation's Address will take place for at least more than one hour. The president will be expected to express his thoughts and plans for the Philippines for the next 365 days with regards to the progress of the country's political issues. In this case, the listeners will expect reforms that will be transformed under his administration, changing the image of the Philippine society for the next months to come.

Filipinos can expect that President Rodrigo Duterte will tackle comprehensive reforms in politics, wherein there are changes that can happen with the constitution of the Philippines. Other than that, he is also expected to speak about his past leadership style in Davao, which will be applied to the whole Philippines. People are cheering about this reform because they want something different that can make their country as an outstanding, secured, and prosperous under the new administration of President Duterte

Watch the video courtesy of the Presidential Communication Office Livestream below

The event is coordinated by Brillante Mendoza, an international award-winning director, who will be one of the main directors of the event. He will be helping the Presidential Communications media to efficiently broadcast the event as well as to have a smooth flowing program to ensure that Filipinos can clearly watch the first State of the Nation Address.

The first State of the Nation Address of President Duterte was promised by the administration to be a different event. It will not be a fashion-themed event wherein it does not similarly comprehend with a celebrity-style political event.

There will be no extravagant show of events, which is believed by the administration to symbol grandiosity of negativity. This is all about simplicity, which could contemplate with the masses all over the country.

Everybody is expecting that Duterte's first State of the Nation Address to be simple, concise, and with no dramatic scene.

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