A Ghanian teenager sings like Celine Dion. This boy can have a brighter future as his voice sounds like that of superstar Celine Dion. A 17-yaer-old boy from Lisbonville, Gabon is now circulating on social media websites due to his astounding voice that is captivating the hearts of netizens. At a young age, he now showed his incredible talent to the world by singing a song of Celine Dion, which is a known grammy award winner of various songs and a known international pop superstar.

Samuel is just 17 when he sing Celine Dion's rendition of "The Power of Love", which is a hit pop song that you can hear all over the world. Celine Dion shared a video of Samuel singing her song in her social media account, with a detailed caption that this young person has a very powerful voice. He sang like an angel due to his unique voice box that releases an enigmatic musical tone that can bring joy to any listener.
This 17-year-old teenage boy from Lisbonville, Gabon sings like Celine Dion
Celine Dion is very happy to know that there are people out there that patronize her songs, which is an honor to her because she made a powerful influence around the world. The boy is obviously inspiring every people around the world who loves music very much. The video of Samuel went viral as it reached million views, likes, and shares.

The video was taken by a prominent blogger in Gabon. Barack Nyare Mba posted the video on his social media website accounts. He hopes that the kid will gain numerous and promising opportunities to various producers, artists, and music directors anywhere in the world. He was seen from the video sitting on a cemented stairs barefoot. Samuel sings while Barack is recording a video of him that will be posted on social media. When you hear his voice, you will suddenly stop and start to be mesmerized by the quality of his voice.

When you happen to hear his voice, you will be amazed by the quality because it is one of a kind voice that is incomparable to other singers. His voice quality releases a soft tone that provides relaxation for listeners due to the cooling effect when he sings. When Samuel opens his mouth, he clearly sings directly from the heart, catching your soul that could make you feel at ease with your environment as you hear his voice.

Watch how he sings below

The famous blogger, Barack Nyare Mba is also the current manager of Samuel. As soon as media companies watch the video of his talent, they started contacting him for a possible contract that might happen in the future.

Samuel told Barack that he came from a poor family. He stopped going to school because his family no longer affort to pay for school fees. Samuel started working at a very young age to help his family with their basic needs.

The Gabonian kid hopes that his voice could be the answer to his family's financial crisis as he wants to become a singer in the future. His inspirational voice could provide him all the things that he needs such as to become a singer in order to improve his family's socio-economic lifestyle.

Various social media users commented positive thoughts towards Samuel's voice quality. Other say that his voice has a very big heart because he does sing with a meaning. Others cried while listening to the voice of this talented young teenager from Gabon.

For those who are interested contacting Samuel, you can reach his manager, Barack Nyare Mba through his Facebook account here.

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