Each country around the world has their annual State of the Nation Address. If the constituents are very optimistic that their country has a promising new administration, they often end up watching every speech of their new leader. A hopeful citizen can learn new platforms about their leader's new administration. Learning their leader's speech can understand how they are going to expect what will happen to their country during their leader's duration of leadership. People's optimistic view to the president can help understand how every platform can materialize and the possible expectations that can happen during the presidency of a certain leader.

However, a country experiencing from political atrocities sometimes fail to address their nation due to a disorganized government system. These are countries who are suffering from conflicts that are harsh enough to prevent their leader from appearing to the public. If a country is suffering from a severe conflict such as war, they have no facility for them to organize an event where the leader can have the chance to appear in public so that the people can hear his visions and missions for the country.
An example of a State of the Nation address in the Philippines
A State of the Nation Address is always headed by the leader of a nation, territory, or a community. For this reason, he or she can verbalize their thoughts and plans for the benefit of the society in the next days to come. So people should watch their leader's speech so that they could learn to understand about the leadership style of the president who they voted for during the elections.

Every State of the Nation is considered extravagant because the scene can be similar to a red carpet event being held by celebrities during an annual awarding ceremony. The public can expect that their leaders and their escorts can display their creative formal dresses. Politicians can turn into fashion superstars due to the design of their extravagant dresses made by their preferred local or international fashion designers.

But the most important issue during the State of the Nation Address is about the content of the speech by the head of state. People are more interested the new plans that can help to change their country into a more vibrant community to live in. This speech is largely awaited because each word being uttered by the head of the state is very important for every listener who wants to ensure that they are motivated and inspired for the betterment of their nation for the incoming days to come.

5 Interesting reasons why you should watch the State of the Nation Address

1. You will be informed: Education is the best gift that can be given to every person in the society so that their knowledge can be enriched with new ideas and perspectives. By listening to the speech of the president, a citizen can have the chance to take a glimpse how the president is going to address political, economic, social, and security issues to improve their society. Ignorance of the law can be prevented if you become aware the new provisions that can impact the safety and prosperity of your community.

2. Observe the president's leadership style: Every president have their sense of leadership style. By watching the president's way of addressing their speech to the public, you will observe what kind of leader he is. If you observe that the leader is advocating a democratic style of leadership, you will understand that he or she is always ensuring that there is a greater participation that can be accommodated so that there is a centralized promulgation of laws, responsibilities, duties, and prosperity for the community.

3. Understand the platforms of the new leader: Aside from the leadership style, knowing all platforms and visions are important so that you will be aware what the president wants to do for the country. As a leader, they must address their new policies so that their constituents will learn how to appreciate their visions for the country. Understanding new set of laws, perspectives, and plans for the country is important because the society will be able to familiarize how their community transforms into a better society in the future.

4. You will become politically and socially responsible: A person who is always concerned about their community's political and social affair makes them a responsible individual. When you start to become interested listening to annual State of the Nation Address, you will learn that you are becoming a responsible citizen. This is because you need to be updated to every possible changes that can be expected to your society as planned by the leader.

5. Promotes nationalism: A country where their constituents become an avid follower and supporter to their leader strengthen their sense of nationalism. As a follower, you will learn how to increase your pride as a citizen of your country. You always take pride what your leader verbalizes because there is something special about the vision, personality, and plans of your president that can make a difference in your society in the future.

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