After a thorough investigation, the main suspect in a road rage incident was already confirmed and finalized by the authorities. The real suspect of a fatal road rage incident involving the driver of a service utility vehicle (SUV) and the biker is finally identified by the police. This was in response to numerous persons of interests surfaced in various social media websites, claiming that they have identified the suspect who shot the biker.

According to Manila Police Department's Chief Superintendent Joel Coronel, the police department has already identified the suspect as  The identity of the suspect is Vhon Vartin Tanto with an alias "Skyton Tonsky" from his facebook account. This was based on numerous evidence that was recovered from the crime scene as well as the detailed statement of witnesses in the area when the incident occurred, ravaged between the biker and the suspect.
Quiapo road rage shooting incident left one lifeless
Vhon Vartin Tanto was responsible for the scuffle against his victim on a road rage that occurred in P. Casale Street, Quiapo, Manila. He was then expected to surrender at the Manila Police Department in order to pay for his criminal act that was aggravated by a road rage. This was when he fatally shot the biker who is unarmed and were not expecting him to do an irresponsible act.

The bicycle rider victim was identified as  Mark Vincent Geralde, a 38-year-old security guard, who was believed to be on his way home from his duty. Geralder was unarmed when the incident happened that took his life in an instant. He was taken away by the bystanders while lying down along the street towards the hospital. However, the doctors declared his body to be already in demise upon arriving at the health facility, minutes after he was shot by the hot-tempered suspect.

Vhon Vartin Tanto is a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Taking pride as a member of the army, he already lost his cool when his pride was challenged by the security guard. It was believed that the pride of the suspect prompted him to become enraged by the incident. Vhon Vartin could not accept the fact that a security guard is challenging him due to their misunderstandings that took over along the street. This is a normal thing to happen for every accomplished person who is already used to expect achievements against an unexpected misdemeanor that could happen to their personal and professional affairs.

Watch the CCTV Footage here

Manila Police Department Chief Superintendent Joel Coronel also stated that police authorities have already contacted with the suspect. Vhon Vartin is willing to surrender and pay for the charges he committed for killing an unarmed man along the street.

Vhon Vartin Tanto is already known to have a reputation to be impatient. He is a reservist for the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Caloocan as a community defense army personnel. He show a strong personality, which materialized when he fatally shot his victim. Von is also engaged in a buy and sell business.

The Manila Police District gave Von Vartin unitl 5 pm of July 27th, 2016. But Von did not yet surfaced to the police to surrender. The director of Manila Police District ordered a manhunt operation to the suspect of the case.

Von Vartin Tanto is warned to the public that he is extremely armed and dangerous.

Camera footage shows that the SUV and the bicycle rider already started having a conversation. But the clarity and resolution of the camera could not clearly show their facial reaction. Their body language indicates that there is a heated argument over a road related event.

The driver went out to come face-to-face with the rider of the bicycle. The heated conversation further heated up for several seconds and they began physically brawling against each other. After several minutes, they soon left the

Earlier, social media misidentified the suspect responsible for the fatal shooting of the bicycle rider. Elmer Punzalan was initially identified and was the center of cyberbullying by social media netizens.

Elmer surfaced the media and clarified that he was misidentified, which was confirmed by the authorities. Although his car was similar with the SUV captured from the CCTV, he clarified that he was not in the area at the time of the incident. Elmer and his wife are filing for a legal lawsuit for those who misquoted them in social media.

Update: Vhon Tanto was finally arrested in Masbate, one of the islands in Central Philippines. The Masbate Provincial Police District confirmed the reports to the authorities in Manila

Vhon Vartin Tanto will now expect to be charged with a first-degree murder and a dismissal from service.

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