Hello, pageant fanatics!!! After weeks and days of waiting for the confirmation, the Philippines has a very good news to every beauty pageant enthusiasts who are waiting for the announcement. So finally, it is confirmed that the Philippines is officially the host country for Miss Universe 2016 that will make every Filipino to have a reason to be happy for this announcement from the government. After weeks of speculation, the country will be once again hosting the most prestigious pageant in the universe. The announcement was just made on July 28 at 3 in the afternoon at the Office of the Department of Tourism in Manila, Philippines.

This was according to the Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo who confirmed to the media that the country is lucky to host the most anticipated pageant in the universe. President Rodrigo Duterte had already approved the petition and the memorandum of understanding with the Miss Universe organization, which makes it official that the beauty pageant will be held in the Philippines. This is the first major accomplishment for Secretary Teo for having a rare opportunity for the country to host a very large event.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach on the right and some tourist destinations in the Philippines
The next edition of Miss Universe will take place on January 30, 2017, in the Philippines. Pageant organizers as well as the Philippine government, have yet to decide on the venue on where it will take place in the country. Official Miss Universe 2016 candidates are expected to arrive in the Philippines starting on the first day of January in that year.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is surely happy to crown her successor in her home country. Pia can showcase her country to all delegates who will be in the country for at least three weeks, traveling to different tourist destinations all over the country. This will be convenient for her because she will no longer have to travel back to New York to pack her things and return to the Philippines. But she will be happier if there will be a historic back-to-back win for her country, which can further generate more exposure to the Philippines.

Secretary Wanta Teo indicated that the private sector will be coordinating with the Miss Universe organization for the event. These are groups of businesses, investors, and private entities who would like to donate any financial amount to help the pageant become a reality for the Philippines, Miss Universe Organization, candidates, and pageant fanatics. Her worth as a tourism secretary is now starting to materialize for having the president to approve the new Miss Universe beauty pageant to be held in the country.

Teo's advocacy is to bring more tourists in the Philippines. By hosting the Miss Universe beauty pageants, she hopes that there will be more tourists arrivals that will bolster the tourism industry in the Philippines. This is the time for the Philippines to shine not only on political and economic issues but also for the tourism sector.

Earlier, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach together with the Miss Universe Organization arrived in the Philippines to meet with President Rodrigo Duterte. This was to personally make a courtesy call to the president for the upcoming event that will be held in the Philippines next year. President Rodrigo Duterte never failed Pia and the Miss Universe Organization by granting their request to held Miss Universe in the country.

The Philippines is no stranger hosting international pageants. The country already hosted Miss Universe in 1974 that was won by Miss Spain and in 1994 when Miss India won their first crown. In 2017, the Philippines is the official host country for the third time for Miss Universe pageant in January.

Hosting pageants? It's really more fun in the Philippines.

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