Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2016 Maxine Medina is now experimenting her versatility to determine what looks will suit her that can be a help with her preparation for the upcoming Miss Universe 2016. Her latest photo shoot captivated the eyes of her followers as they became astounded by her transformation day by day. As she wants to extend different looks, she continues to try more ways to look different from her classic look that the audience used to recognize her.

From her latest photo shoot, Maxine wowed the audience by revealing herself in a short blonde hair. The photo shoot was for a magazine brand cover, showcasing a new wardrobe collection for a local clothing brand in the Philippines. Fashion designers and artists preferred Maxine's appearance to use a conventional look in order to blend with the clothing design that she is wearing, which can further represent the brand. This is to gain more compatibility with the overall appearance of the photoshoot and not just about her.
Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina
Maxine's different look made numerous shocking reactions made by her pageant fanatics and followers all over the world. Various positive reactions were generated to various social media websites. Some are surprised to see Maxine's new hairdo can make her look fiercer, which can be an asset for her to adjust her versatile look to the public.

As based from her newly transformed appearance from her photo shoot, beauty pageant critiques are now starting to widen their imagination. What if Maxine Medina will really cut her hair to have a different look from the stage, which will not cut her bearing as a contender to Miss Universe beauty pageant to be held later this year. This will be a rare but beautiful transformation that can happen in the Philippine beauty pageant industry.

Maxine's facial features are different, making her versatile appearance compatible to any hairstyle. As far as pageant critiques and analysts are concerned, they prefer Maxine to showcase the pageant with a shorter hair. The reason is that Maxine can transform her conservative figure into a sexy anime appearance that can represent a contemporary candidate that adapts to a modern style in the world of beauty pageantry. This means that there is something about the power of the short hair that can transform Maxine's overall appearance when she will decide to cut her hair short.

After the photo shoot, seeing Maxine with a short hair, beauty pageant analysts and critics are surely suggesting everything to her team of stylists. Most agree that Maxine can further a make a difference when both Maxine and her stylists agree to cut her hair shorter, which can make another flavor for her overall appearance and performance in the pageant.

Here are 5 interesting reasons why Maxine Medina should cut her hair

1. Represents a contemporary Asian Beauty: Asians are commonly known to establish shorter hair to look more contemporary than their traditional counterparts. Instead of using a bun hairstyle, cutting the hair short is better, which can transcend your beauty into a more modernist look. This will be the case of Maxine Medina in order for her to further shine more. Her existing longer hair is already good but shorter heir is better. Just like Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Kaci Fennell, working with her short hair that made her through the top 5.

2. Banners the anime world in the world of pageantry: Miss Universe will be delighted to have a delegate that supports anime. But in a glamorous and formal way of complimenting an anime styling while bannering the Philippines for Miss Universe. For Maxine's situation if ever she will be cutting her hair, displaying her naturally embelished look in front of the stage, wowing the judges with her new appearance. She can resemble like a superstar anime, walking through the runway with her swimsuit and long gown, integrating with the traditional pageant processes.

3. Shorter hair for Maxine can be more fierce: Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina is born to being compatible with a short hair flawlessly. Even with a skin head makes her look beautiful. Maxine's performance during the national competition for the Philippines, locally known as the Binibining Pilipinas national beauty pageant, it is obvious that she performed fiercely. If she will cut her hair, she can look even more fierce, slashing her way through flawlessly to the semifinals round of the beauty pageant. She can flaunt her fierce stage presence that is supported by her staggering hairstyle, presentation, and persona.

4. Compliments her facial angles: Maxine's facial features are unique, which is versatile with any hairstyle that can be applied to make her look more presentable. If her hair becomes shorter, her bone structure will be more appreciated because it compliments her expression and her personality. Her eye shape can further highlight her overall beauty, which can make her phenomenal during the pageant as the most striking candidate with a unique beauty that can overshadow other candidates to possibly win a back-to-back crown for her country.

5. Unleashes her supreme overall beauty: Short hair is undoubtely the best for Maxine. This girl can transform into an energized female super saiyan, further enhancing her presence on the stage to be more visible. Her stage presence can be more powerful on stage, which can easily make her way through the top 5. Seeing her with a short hair can unleash her full force of nature than can create an invisible power to penetrate the judges minds and immediately give a high score for her every performance.

* The question is, do you want to see Maxine Medina in Miss Universe 2016 with a short hair?

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