In every pageant, there is always a girl that stand out from the crowd. There are girls that use their charm as their main weapon to captivate the eyes of the judges and the crowd. These are ladies who are competitive enough to know the proper angle where they will be able to utilize their pageantry skills. This includes their catwalk, poise, and personality that can mesmerize the crowd, which makes them to be one of pageant fanatic's favorite lists of top performers of a certain pageant.

But this is the story of Miss Cambodia, Tim Sreyneat. Her appearance in international beauty pageant competition made a buzz online. Even up to this date, her performance made an unforgettable memory for all the audiences who watched her during the preliminary competition of Miss Grand International 2014. Even though it is already 2016, her performance is still one of the unique than any other candidates who joined international beauty pageant competitions.
Miss Grand International Cambodia 2014 Tim Sreyneat
Tim Sreyneat made international attention because she performs an unorthodox way of showing her confidence while walking through the stage. Her performance became sensational because she did not realize that the she is competing in an international beauty pageant. She did not mind any negative reactions or criticisms that audiences and the judges for as long as she enjoys having fun competing.

As based from the video, it was during the swimsuit video where Miss Cambodia created an unexpected international sensation. Upon introducing her name and country, she was unexpectedly covering her face, trying to surprise the audience by removing her hand and then reveal her charming face. But then, her facial expression says it otherwise. She was making a smirking smile while walking across the stage. When walking through the left side of the stage, she intentionally swayed her hair, just like a little girl having fun in front of the audience.

When she walks through the front of the stage, her facial expression never stop smirking. She continues to show that funny smile while her upper lip controls her real smile that is causing an ire among the audiences and the judges during the competition. Overall, its not about her performance that made herself noticeable, it is all about her expression, which makes herself very unique during the swimsuit preliminaries that made her unforgettable.

Watch her full performance below

Miss Popular Vote goes to Miss Grand International Cambodia 2014
Due to that performance, she was awarded as Miss Popular Vote in Miss Grand International 2014 with a percentage of 27.1%. For obvious reasons, it was due to her hilarious performance during that swimsuit competition that made herself unusually popular internationally. Pageant fanatics during the competition voted for her because they want her to receive an award even if she did not compete seriously at the preliminary competition.

Pageant critics are just wondering why this girl managed to show off her hilarious performance to a competition that needs a serious pageantry skills. It is obvious that this girl did not undergo any pageant training before joining Miss Grand International beauty pageant.

There are at least several pointers that can be obviously seen from her performance that other candidates should prevent doing it in front of the stage. Smirking in front of the stage is a big no no because it signifies that you are just gaining attention and not seriously competing against the crown.

The walk is obviously poor, with no swaying of hips and just walking straight towards any point of destination. There is no poise and she lacks elegance during that video.

During that time, Tim Sreyneat is a 19-year-old stunning lady from Cambodia (She is now 21). She stands 173 centimeters and weighs about 50 kilograms. her vital statistics are 81 - 66 - 89. She loves reading books, socializing, and bonding with her family. Her ambition is to become a lawyer someday.

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