The Philippines will indeed host Miss Universe 2017 after Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach confirmed it from the Miss Universe official page. After he sworn as the new president of the country, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte may have another interesting reason why he deserved to be the most favored leader in the country. He immediately ordered his Tourism secretary to launch a campaign that would make the country sparkle internationally. It is a campaign that could ensure that the country becomes a shining gem to other nations around the world. The president will have another reason why Filipinos love him to have their 16th official president of the Republic of the Philippines.

As the president himself, he just wants to continue the campaign left behind by the Aquino administration in order to further improve tourism under his new leadership. The president wants an aggressive campaign that would boost more attention to an international audience to explore more about the country as soon as possible. Hosting Miss Universe is one of his most important agenda as it aims to generate more opportunities for the Philippines to expand internationally, which attracts more foreign individuals to visit the country from time to time.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach will be honored if Miss Universe 2017 will be held in the Philippines through the initiative of President Rodrigo Duterte
The Philippines was no stranger in hosting various international events across the archipelago. The country was lucky to have already hosted Miss Universe twice. These were during the Marcos administration in 1974 at the Philippine International Convention Center. The country again hosted Miss Universe in 1994 after 20 years in the same venue in Pasay City.

Wanda Tulfo-Teo, the new Tourism Secretary of the Philippines appointed by Rodrigo Duterte indicated that it is one of Duterte's plans to boost the country's tourism industry by initiating to host Miss Universe in 2017. The Philippine government is now willing to plan and prepare for another international hosting event if granted by the Miss Universe Organization, which permits any country to organize the event under their supervision. Boosting the country's tourism industry is one of the most significant milestones by means of hosting several international events.

Miss Universe Organization president Paula Shugart is currently in the Philippines for a scheduled visit. Paula indicated that she is very optimistic that the Philippines could host the event in 2017, granted that it previously hosted the pageant twice in 1974 and 1994. She believes that hosting Miss Universe will be a possibility in the future, granted that it already had the experience to handle international audiences and pressures from fans all over the world. This would be an opportunity that would possibly make it work in the future to the Philippines and its fans.

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Will Philippines make a back-to-back win?

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5 interesting reasons why President Rodrigo Duterte wants Miss Universe 2017 to be in the Philippines

1. 10 million tourist arrivals in 2017: Duterte wants to increase tourist arrivals in 2017 up to 10 million from its annual 6 million tourist arrivals annually. Aquino administration made a significant impact on improving the tourism industry during its administration from 2 million to 6 million at the end of the administration. Duterte wants to further increase tourist arrivals, making it one of the new favorite destinations in the world of tourism. Miss Universe kick-off in January will mark a spike in tourist arrivals across the world to watch the pageant.

2. Wants to show to the world how safe the Philippines is: The Philippines offers a wide variety of tourist destinations. There are numerous beach destinations, island hopping activities, and mountains to hike. Duterte administration is serious in cracking down illegal drugs. He believes that illegal drug use and trade is one of the main reasons why criminality is rampant in the country. In 3 to 6 months, there will be a significant change in his governance where the people of the Philippines will be more disciplined and are much more hospitable to international tourists. By boosting criminality, tourists will further feel safer and enjoy touring around the country during his administration.

3. Uncover Philippines to the world: The Philippines is an underrated country in terms of tourism. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam are already gaining popularity around the world in the tourism industry. This is the time for the country to show the world that they are now ready to accommodate a similar volume of foreign visitors who will be spending their leisure time to the country in order to enjoy the wonders of the archipelagic country with hospitable locals. Foreigners will appreciate the beauty and glory of the Philippines to the world.

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4. Bring back the glory of Miss Universe to Filipino Fans: Since 2010, the Philippines plays a significant role in Miss Universe Organization. They have the largest fan, the loudest cheer, and the most prominent followers. The Miss Universe Organization is now considering to bring back the favor to the fans by planning to talk with the government to allow the country to host the next Miss Universe in 2017. Filipino fans will be delighted as they will be cheering their favorite candidate to a home court advantage. Filipino fans are regarded as one of the most supportive to their candidates. This is due to consecutive success story of Filipinas who are placing in international beauty pageant competition.

5. To test the efficiency of the country's new peace advocacy: Duterte's administration wants to test the waters of its security policies, which will determine if it is indeed a favorable country to visit. The country is still starting to sweep all negative elements of the society, which will have a promising result next year. Visiting foreigner's point of view will be given the chance to express their feedback regarding the experiences in the Philippines, which provides an opportunity to bolster economic and political prosperity. Tourists and pageants fanatics from all over the world will no longer worry about their safety when visiting the Philippines while they will attend Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant to be held in Manila.

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For the Philippines, hosting a pageant is an honor. This is not all about pageant politics. There is something beneficial not only for the pageant organizers because both locals and international pageant fanatics will have something to learn more about the wonders of the country. Unity is one of the best results wherein people share similar interests and sets aside differences from each other.

For sure, foreigners who will visit to watch Miss Universe will be planning for their next trip to visit other parts of the country to discover its beaches and other historical sites.

The question is, will you visit the Philippines?

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