Metro Manila finally had its first ever zero crime that happened during the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte as well as Vice-President Leni Robredo. Philippine National Police reports that there were no criminal incidents that happened during the oath taking ceremonies on the two of the most powerful officials in the Philippines. There were no reported criminal activities that were documented across the Philippine capital region, which is a pleasant greeting for the newly appointed officials of the Philippines.

The capital is very proud to have a city that experiences a rare scenario wherein there are zero reported incidents of criminal activities across the metro. This means that people are optimistic about the results of change brought about by the current president Rodrigo Duterte for maintaining peace and prosperity across the region. For this reason, the people of the Philippines are confident to have a president that strictly implements change to promote prosperity across the country. Zero crime rate was also recorded during the first boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.
Thanks to Philippine National Police, Metro Manila Reported Zero crime on June 30

As the country officially starts its new administration, Duterte always make sure that the country will be free of corruption and criminality. During the political campaign of Duterte prior to May 2016 elections, he wants to make sure that in three to six months, criminal activities across the Philippines can significantly decrease. After that six month period since his oath, the country will surely wake up and starts progressing economically.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is currently cracking down against drug users and pushers across the country. After Duterte was proclaimed as the winner of the 2016 presidential elections, the police authority of the country became aggressive to its campaign against drug busting activities. There were numerous pushers and users who have been arrested and apprehended by the police authorities in the Philippines. PNP is coordinating with other security agencies and intelligence departments to ensure that the task for reducing the number of crimes can slow down within the targeted deadline.

Duterte believes that illegal drug abuse and distribution is the main source of criminal activities in the society. Incinerating all forces of illegal drug users, pushers, and distributors are one of the most efficient ways to curb criminality across the community. This is one of the most efficient way to ensure that the level of crime rates can significantly slow down, which could enable the society no longer vulnerable to any security threats that could drive against the residents or any members of the society in the long run.

Zero crime report during June 30, 2016 is one of the most important milestones that the Philippine National Police is trying to maintain. This is because it seeks to promote high-level of security as well as prosperity that could protect the safety of the society.

Criminal offenders and future offenders realize that they can still have a room to change because the new administration is willing to provide support to provide assistance as well as rehabilitation program for those who are seriously trying to change.

The Philippine National Police believes that they can maintain this scenario for the next days to come during Duterte's administration. Neutralizing all criminal felons as well as future felons is a serious consideration so that any future criminal plans will be prevented before it will start terrorizing the community.

PNP chief Dela Rosa is also urging users and pushers of illegal substances to surrender before it is too late. The PNP is still providing rooms for individuals who are still tied to illegal drug substances to change. If there are rule breakers who are still persistent on using and distributing prohibited substances, they are likely to be executed.

President Duterte is known for his reputation for being the "punisher". This means that he punishes every felons who are caught breaking the law. He was seen to let smokers eat cigarette butts whenever they are caught smoking in prohibited areas such as on the streets.

The Duterte administration hopes that the zero crimes reported in Metro Manila during the inauguration day will also be applied to the entire country. If the Philippines will report zero crime for the next six years, the essence of discipline will be further implemented by the Filipinos, setting an example to other countries around the world.

PNP and the Duterte administration hopes that zero crime rate will attract more investors in the Philippines to expand their business operations. Citing that a place with a very clean security measure ensures that businesses will no longer have to worry about the risks of harm that could affect their business operations.

In addition, PNP is also willing to lend their helping hand for those felons who wants to surrender and are willing to start a new life. There are numerous government agencies that will provide their support and rehabilitation plan so that rule breakers will have the chance to become productive in the future.

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