Have you seen a large crowd gathered to pay respect in a funeral of a known personality? A huge crowd attended a funeral of a known personality that is considered valuable to them. You can observe that there are at least thousands of individuals mourning to the death of a personality in their area who made significant contributions to their society. As you can see, their hearts are already agonizing to the death of this prominent figure in their community.

You will be surprised because these thousands of individuals gather to the funeral of Jaguar Diaz. He is considered to be the most notorious drug lord in the Central Visayas region, which is an archipelago in the Central Philippines region. While he is laid to rest on June 27, 2016, random individuals who are believed to the sympathizers of the drug lord are mostly wearing black shirts to pay respect to one of the most important person in their lives.
Thousands of supporters join the funeral of Jaguar Diaz
Jaguar Diaz was killed in a police operation that was conducted in Las Pinas City, Metro Manila. He fought against the responding police officers by exchanging bullets. As a result, he died during the operations along with his other companions. Other companions during the drug raid were injured, but was taken into custody after being treated in health care facilities.

The scene caused a traffic congestion to the affected road where the path of the funeral have taken place. Motorists were shocked by the scene due to the huge volume of crowds who joined the funeral as they pass by on the road, outnumbering the number of motorists in the area. It quickly attracted attention as the scene is very unusual. When people discovered that it was Jaguar Diaz, they quickly grabbed their smart phones and started recording the scene, then uploaded online.

This is not common to a community where people gather when someone died. The death of Jaguar Diaz seems to appear like he was the "Robin Hood" in his area as the crown gather to pay their tribute by using their presence in his funeral. It is believed that his leadership is powerful enough to generate a series of networks in central Visayas region that gained strong sympathizers. As sympathizers were agonizing the death of Jaguar, authorities were dismayed by the actions.

Authorities are also considering that most members of the crowd knew something about Jaguar's illegal operations across the Visayas regions. This is because they do not mind if they are sympathizing with a known prominent drug lord, which could also risk their identity to the authorities for being marked as a new person of interest included in the watch list.

Jaguar Diaz was already warned by the authorities regarding his notorious actions for being involved in illegal drugs. He then promised to the authorities to stop distributing and trading prohibited substances to prevent any risk of safety.

However, his statements was claimed to be false as police discovered that he is still operating sporadically not only in the Visayas region but also in Metro Manila.

People attended the funeral wore a black shirt printed with the face of Jaguar Diaz. Aside from Diaz's face, a text indicating "we will miss you" is also visibly seen.

Authorities in Cebu announced a 50,000 bounty to whoever captures or exterminate Diaz. The police department is now confirming the identity of their colleague who shot Diaz, which will receive the promised reward.

Diaz is just one of the latest person of interest who is a part of drug busting campaign to honor incoming Duterte administration.

Duterte administration is now urging all people who are involved with the use, distribution, and selling of prohibited substances to surrender before something unpleasant will happen to them when the new administration starts on June 30.

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