When you do not expect that the father is much more emotional than the actual recipient of the vaccination at a health care facility or in a hospital for a scheduled visit to the doctor. A father has been caught crying more than his child while being vaccinated at a children's clinic. The emotional father is now making rounds in social media after seeing himself crying at the same time with his son while receiving a mandatory vaccination in the clinic together with the medical practitioners.

This is a bizarre scenario when you are not expecting that the father is the real cry baby more than the child while undergoing a scheduled visit. Usually, our father is our guide to prevent any emotional outbursts when we are going to take our first vaccination inside a clinic. But then, this father is doing otherwise, making the situation complicated as the son is battling a painful vaccination, which is an effective solution to prevent any harmful and contagious diseases from infecting their bodies in the future.
Crying father
As you can see, the facial expression of the father is already contagious as he shows his fatherly love towards his son receiving vaccination. Notice that the father and son are both crying while the son is being injected with a live attenuated vaccination in order to boost his immunity as a long term protection from virus, fungi, and bacteria.

The health care personnel was initially concentrating on the welfare of the child while he is receiving his mandatory vaccination. Just seconds after the child was receiving the vaccine, the attention began to shift towards the father of the child. The expression of the father's face is translating into humor as he is being recorded while he is busy holding his son. It seems that there is an invisible nerve that is penetrating from the child's body through the man's body, causing him to feel his son's pain while receiving a booster dose from the vaccination.

Health care workers on duty appears to start smiling towards the father due to his epic reaction to his son's vaccination. The video is obviously taken by the mother who is also busy watching the child and the health care provider. The health care workers struggle to keep their concentration to the child as they push the vaccination through the vein as they are now distracted by the reaction of the father to the procedure. All people surrounding the father and the child starts to show reaction towards the crying father who seem to be the rightful person that should have been vaccinated instead of the child.

Watch the video below

The person who is recording the video is now more focused on the father. A few seconds after the child is receiving a dose, the father starts to cry. The father's facial reaction is considerably louder than the child's whining voice.

It is a dilemma to know that inserting a needle to a person's body is very painful. This is because the needle will have to pass through the skin barrier, which is packed with a network of nerve endings. When the needle is inserted, the patient will feel the sensation, which will cause a reaction, which is translated by the nerve as a pain response.

Vaccination is a form of an acquired immunity that is an essential measure to prevent the spread of communicable diseases among children. It provides a lifetime immunity measure so that infants and children will not suffer from a life threatening disease in the future.

All countries around the world are obliged to have their children immunized on a young age. The main reason is to prevent any complications brought about by the existence of a certain disease that affects the immune system of their children.

Although the vaccination is very painful, the procedure is considered beneficial for both the parent and the child because they are protected from any infectious diseases.

It is always better to experience pain for a short period of time rather than experiencing a pain that could have been a life threatening to your body.

Families around the world are required to undergo vaccination so that any risk of health threats and risks will be prevented, given that vaccination is highly recommended to suppress the chain of infection for infectious diseases that threatens the community.

Children who fails to receive vaccination are always at risk for developing life threatening and debilitating diseases. One example is poliomyelitis, which is a condition that suppress the growth of the lower extremities, making the person to be suffering from paralysis in the future.

Next time you bring your child to receive their scheduled vaccination, don't forget to bring your camera phone and tissue.

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