A viral set of photos is now circulating online. It was a set of photos showing a very old woman, who is helpless and could not afford to independently help herself. However, the story entails a heart breaking scenario, showing that the young daughter is taking all her chances to provide all the care needed by the old woman in the photos. This is a heart touching story because the daughter is very patient enough to return back the favor being given to her by her mother while she was younger days back before.

The young lady is named as Relpma JC Jen, who happens to be the grand daughter of a 98-year-old woman. She is seen to be very touched as she offer her time to care for her grand mother, which is an opposite scenario from other viral videos and pictures that shows an abusive behavior towards their elders. Her dedication is causing a very touching reaction to all netizens online because they can see that it is a rare situation for a young individual who is dedicating her life to return back the favor of love to their elders.
An inspirational story of a love and care by a grand daughter to her grand mother
The 98-year-old woman is believed to be suffering from a poor health condition. She is unable to move by herself and just lying on the corner of the wall. The young girl from the photo is seen to be preparing all necessary items for her to provide all basic needs to the granny. As a granny, you always expect that a few will return back the love that you have given them while they were young and that was the time that you were still strong.

The girl from the photo showed her resilience and perseverance for showing a good example to others on how to respect our elders. She is seen preparing her granny's food for at least three times a day. She even baths her granny to eliminate unpleasant odors as well as to keep her granny clean at all times. The actions of the lady is an example on how tender loving care should be always provided for every elderly because it shows that the younger woman is showing a good example to everyone how to treat them well.

Any act of kindness is always very meaningful for every elderly individual because they can finally feel that they are being taken cared in a special way. Your parents will be always delighted if you will initiate any gratitude, a treat, or to offer any help in order to spend time together. In this way, their sorrowful memories, feelings, and sufferings can be healed with joy and happiness because you are offering something that is beneficial to their emotions that they can treasure it forever.

Elderly experiences a total body degeneration process for the reason that their body is no longer healthy enough to maintain a regular routine. Every muscle is deteriorating gradually due to the effect of the ageing process, which keeps the body to be weaker and weaker each year.

Due to non-stop aging process, the mother obviously suffers from an unproductive lifestyle. Failure of accomplishing activities of daily living becomes a regular occurrence because their body is no longer energetic.

But the most traumatic part is when an elderly suffers from an inevitable stroke or a health care condition that totally damage a part of their body on a permanent basis that results into paralysis. When elderly becomes paralyzed, they are unable to move their extremities, prompting their mobility status to be permanent.

Elderly individuals who suffers from paralysis is lucky when their children or grand children is willing to provide a lifetime support to ensure that their health and well-being is always secured.

However, there are some elderly individuals who are being left behind by their children. The reason behind is that their children can no longer provide financial and medical support for their parents or grand parents.

As a result, some unfortunate elderly individuals end up living alone. One of the most heart breaking part is when the elderly becomes homeless, which could risk their health and safety while being vulnerable to the outside world.

But for the girl in this photo, it is very rare for this situation to see a person with a good heart, offering their time, effort, and money to bring back the favor for their elders.

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