A Korean store is shockingly discriminating the Filipino people by just only accepting South Koreans to avail their services or to purchase their goods from the shop. This means that all Filipinos are prohibited from buying or availing any services in this Korean shop, which is now causing a concern to the public. The spa is also accepting other foreign tourists who wants to purchase items, which is now causing a heartache because they are operating under the Philippine soil.

A video by Jun Panti from his Facebook account shows that there are two Filipinos who entered the spa and then asked if they could avail for any services provided by the store or to buy some items. They were shocked to know that all Filipinos are prohibited from seeking any services of the shop, which is a rare treatment for foreigners who are operating their business in the Philippines. Both individuals interviewed the South Korean woman who was standing on the front desk of the store who is also believed to be the owner of the business.
Owner of Noble Philippines Souvenir Shop Corporation
At the start of the video, the male visitor asked the lady in the front desk if they could give her an interview, which the woman agreed. The woman was asked why the spa is not accepting Filipinos and only accepting Koreans, she declined to answer it. Stating that the spa is only serving South Koreans who are seeking for spa services in their shop. The woman smiles as she was facing the two Filipino individuals who have been questioning her about the treatment of the spa towards Filipinos.

Even if the woman tries to cover the business permit, the video captured by the Filipino would be reveals the business permit. The store name of the shop is Noble Philippines Souvenir and Gift Shop Corporation as seen from the Business Permit. The Company's registration number from the business permit is CS201311556. The Company's Tin number is 008-555-633-000. The business is legally operating, but there are no other permits that were seen such as Sanitary permits or fire hazard permits. This Korean store is located in front of the DFA building near McDonalds along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City.

The Filipino woman told the Korean lady that she just came from the United States and attempted to show her passport in order to avail services of the store or to purchase some souvenir items. But the South Korean woman immediately declined to accept her because is a Filipino. When the lady speaks further, the South Korean also immediately shuts her off by waving her hand and repeatedly indicate that she is not accepting Filipino customers into the store. Obviously, the two conducting the interview was hurt because the actions of this woman as well as her ideology is hurtful not only to them but also to the Filipino people who will discover about this sensitive issue.

Watch the video below

While the female is interviewing the South Korean female who was in front of the desk, the other Filipino man videotaped the incident. The South Korean woman tries to cover her face from the camera but the video continues to roll, which records all incidents that happened during that day. The front desk personnel realized that the two Filipinos approached her and the spa to investigate the issue. She was also asking politely if they could stop the confrontation, but hesitant to turn these visitors away from the shop because it could spark a deep emotional reaction that could result into altercation inside the spa.

The spa is legitimately operating because it has a business permit, which is seen on the left side of the front desk, which is on the right side of the Korean woman. The woman tries to cover the name where the business permit is granted to, which signifies that it is her store where her name appears on the business permit.

The two Filipino would customers tries their luck to avail for the services of the spa. However, the woman strictly declines their offer, citing that they are not South Koreans. Even if their are visiting tourists for as long as they are Filipinos, they are not allowed to any services offered by the shop that is operated by a foreign national.

Beside the business permit is a white board where there is a foreign currency value exchange that lists three currencies. This include Philippine Peso, Korean Won, and US dollar. Philippine Peso is valued at 44 per 1 US Dollar while 1 US dollar is worth 1,140 Korean Won.

After the confrontation with the owner of the bar, the two Filipino visitors politely walked out from the spa. Their faces seems to show disappointments because the foreign operator of the spa declines Filipinos who granted them with permits.

Filipinos are no strangers to discrimination because there were previous reports by foreigners with similar issues. However, there are increasing numbers of discriminative behaviors made by Korean nationals towards Filipinos especially in businesses.

The agonizing issue is that the shop's name used the name Philippines, which contradicts its treatment against Filipinos by prohibiting Filipino customers to buy their products.

The person in this video is seeking the attention of Pasay City government with regards to the alleged racist treatment against Filipinos in that particular shop.

The video is also gaining attention online as netizens are angered by the actions by the shop against Filipinos who are operating their business in Philippine soil.

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