Pageant season starts to further heat up as the crowning night of Miss Earth 2016 is just a month that will be held in the Philippines. This is one of the most anticipated international beauty pageants in the world because there are more than 80 annual number of contestants joining the contestants each year. Miss Earth is expected to be held on October 29, 2017, in SM Mall of Asia Arena. People are now starting to anticipate this upcoming pageant that selects the new ambassadress of the environment.

Almost all participants from around the world have either selected their delegate to represent their country. Some countries officially picked a candidate that will be sent to the Philippines to compete and be the new Miss Earth for 2016. The pageant is expected to attract numerous pageant fanatics around the world by next month. Candidates are expected to arrive in the Philippines by the second week of October to officially start the annual event. Lucky candidates are called earlier to promote the event in the Philippines by some sponsors of the annual beauty pageant.
Who among these candidates who can win Miss Earth 2016?
Miss Earth is an international beauty pageant that is founded by the Carousel Productions. The pageant advocates environmental awareness to ensure that the society will be informed about the significance of conservation of our environment and ecology. Miss Earth titleholders from their local or national pageants are given the chance to promote their environmental advocacies while representing their country.

The winner of Miss Earth automatically becomes a spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation as led by the United Nations Environment Programme. As an ambassadress of environmental awareness and conservation, the winner will travel around the world to participate with various environmental institutions such as foundations. This is to intensify its campaign to ensure that environmental awareness becomes more intensified as the winner will help the society to promote conservation activities as well as to learn how to protect our environment.

Since every country already appointed or had already granted a license to represent their country by hosting a local pageant, pageant fanatics have already chosen several candidates. These lucky ladies are believed to perform well and probably the next beauty queen as well as an ambassadress for the environment. Competing contestants from around the world are hoping to break the winning streaks of the Philippines because the host country had just made a historical back-to-back win in 2014 and 2015. And the country had granted another strong delegate that could prolong their beauty pageantry winning streak.

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Here are the top 15 ladies in Random order

Corrin Stellakis
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Corrin Stellakis): She could be the first woman from the United States to win Miss Earth 2016. She is a well-experienced delegate because she previously joined several national pageants in her country. Through experience, she learned a new skill, tricks, and gaining more guidance that strengthened her ability to compose herself in order to increase her chances to become Miss Earth 2016. Her radiant skin with a red head aura makes herself more stunning because it is a unique feature that could turn her more stunning. Will she be the one?

Luissa Burton
ENGLAND (Luissa Burton): This time, England is expected to perform well in this year's edition of Miss Earth in the Philippines. Luissa is a girl to watch out for during the competition of Miss Earth. This girl is considered by many as one of the strongest candidates by just basing from her aura. But her performance is still the main basis to determine if she can penetrate the semifinalist to the finals round of the competition. But do not underestimate this lady because she can perform a very good fight with other candidates during the competition.

Chioma Precious Obiadi
NIGERIA (Chioma Precious Obiadi): Nigeria is also stepping up by sending a candidate that can keep a good fight when she will arrive in the Philippines. She was a frontrunner during Miss Earth Nigeria 2016 and actually never failed her supporters after winning the title and gaining the license to represent her country. Her charm is very precious and can transform into a chameleon during the pageant competition. So you better keep an eye on this woman. Who knows, she could be the hope of her country for being the first to win Miss Earth 2016.

Nan Khine Shwe Wah Win
MYANMAR (Nan Khine Shwe Wah Win): This lady from the land of the Golden Temples could be a breakthrough lady for Myanmar. She performed well during her national pageant in Myanmar, gaining the license to win Miss Earth Myanmar 2016. Nan Khine Knows how to fight, and by her name, she can win the pageant. She is a delegate that should not be taken for granted because her catwalk and confidence are properly executed. This lady's stage presence can transform the stage into a timeless performance, stopping the clock that allows you to see her hips being swayed while performing well during the competition.

Luisa Andrea Soemitha
INDONESIA (LUISA ANDREA SOEMITHA): Hail to this woman from the land of the equator. Miss Earth Indonesia has a strong stage presence that helps her to gain a rank in Miss Earth 2016 competition. Indonesia is already stepping up their pageantry goal, so do not underrate this lady because she can give a good fight during the competition. Indonesia is slowly crawling its way to the title for winning several runner-ups from different international pageants around the world. Miss Earth beauty pageant is no exception to Luisa's dream.

Ami Hachiya
JAPAN (Ami Hachiya): Ami is an interesting woman to join Miss Earth 2016. She has that unique aura that can help her penetrate the top against other contestants who are giving their best to win the crown. You can observe that strong sense of confidence, which could expand her skill throughout the competition. By just using her striking eyes and shimmering lips, you are certain that this girl can place down to the finalist spot of Miss Earth this October. There is a strong vibe that can easily let her stand out from the rest of the candidate.

Stephani de Zorzi
VENEZUELA (Stephanie De Zorzi): This lady can surely find her way through the final spot during the coronation night of the competition. Stephanie is going to revenge her predecessor's top 8 finish, which is very hungry to clinch their country's third crown for the pageant. She is ready, well-prepared, and will conquer Miss Earth with her bare hands. So do not ever leave your eyes on this woman because she is one of the strongest in this edition of Miss Earth that is expected to perform well on October 29, 2016.

Michelle Gomez
COLOMBIA (Michelle Gomez): A classic girl from South America is a girl that you should never disregard. Michelle has a supernatural vibe that can let her easily go through the finals round. Who knows, Michelle could be the first woman to win Miss Earth 2016. Colombia has become a threat to all pageant around the world, rivaling their neighbor, Venezuela. Her sweet aura makes her very unique from other candidates because she just looks like a brunette angel, waiting for a crown and the sash to possibly take home the bacon and then become an environmental advocate for conservation and awareness.

Claudia Parsberg
THE NETHERLANDS (Claudia Parsberg): Another woman from Europe is going to make an impact during the start of the competition. This girl obviously has the confidence with a colorful personality to blend in with other delegates. Claudia's personality can make her way through the semifinals. She is seen to be versatile and can accomplish numerous challenges during the competition. Claudia can show to other candidates that she is the woman to win the title because her adventurous nature can let make her way as a shining gem while serving as an environmental ambassadress.

Imelda Schweighart
THE PHILIPPINES (Imelda Schweighart): Imelda is very confident to make another historic back-to-back-to-back for Miss Earth 2016. The Philippines have the strongest sash factor for Miss Earth after a back-to-back win in 2014 by Jamie Herrell and 2015 by Angelia Ong. Miss Universe 2015 winner is Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines. There is a significant pressure for Imelda to keep up with the pace to maintain her country's position by gaining another historic win. Can Imelda keep it up? Well, this can be possible because she is a well-trained candidate by the best beauty training camps in the world.

Itzel Astudillo
MEXICO (Itzel Astudillo): Itzel is a bubbly woman with a great personality. But when you make a simple retouch on her face, the magic starts. This girl from Mexico can control her charm, class, and confidence. This is the reason why she is one of the favorites to win Miss Earth. Many are underrating her chances, but this girl can pave away doubts to prove that she is the first woman from Mexico to win Miss Earth 2016. Itzel can do an effortless performance if she continues to balance her skills during the competition.

Vanessa Ramirez
PARAGUAY (Vanessa Ramirez): Vanessa holds something that is wowing every pageant fanatics. As an environmental advocate from South America, she can even surpass the competitiveness of other Latinas during the competition. She can always nail every photo without any pressure because she was born as a goddess of beauty. Her natural aura can easily help her to penetrate the finalist spot. It will not be a surprise if Vanessa Ramirez wins the pageant because she has a very strong photogenic aura, veteran modeling skill, and silent killer confidence level.

Lundl Kean
AUSTRALIA (Lyndl Kean): Ladies from Australia are also rivaling powerhouses of beauty in Asia and Latin America, especially when it comes to beauty pageantry. Lyndl is an experienced model with several modeling projects prior to joining Miss Earth and representing her country. She can use her experience as well as her charm to maintain her strong vibe during the competition. Lyndl Kean is now ready to conquer the Earth this coronation night on October 29, 2016.

Nguyen Thi Le Lam En
VIETNAM (Nguyen Thi Le Lam Em): The girl with the strong environmental advocacy. Nguyen Thi Le has a strong vision and patience to utilize her advocacy for environmental awareness and protection. This is one of the reasons why she is gaining an inspiration and motivation to deserve herself in one of the top finalist spots. Her dedication can further improve her skill and competitiveness to rush a spot in the finalist spot during the competition. She can easily adapt, ready to fight, and does not know the word defeat.

Venisa Judah
MALAYSIA (Venisa Judah): This woman is gifted to have different faces. She can use make-up as a way for her to transform into numerous faces. She can make her aura classy, fierce, sweet, or sophisticated. With the right styling and consistent performance, she will never fail her country's expectations to penetrate the semifinalist spot of Miss Earth 2016 competition. Venisa should pick a stylist that compliments every aura, environment, and any styles that can make her standout.


Russia, Thailand, Canada, Guam, Brazil
RUSSIA (Aleksandra Cherepanova): This girl is just a silent operator. She may not be your cup of tea, but she can assure you that her chances could make it through the top spot. The is very modelesque and might surprise everyone with her strong pageantry skill. Watch out for this lady.

THAILAND (Atcharee Buakhiao): Atcharee has been observed being off the radar for pageant fanatics. This can be related with the preference of Thais towards Miss Universe Thailand and Miss Grand International Thailand representatives. This sweet girl needs your support to gain more confidence and self-esteem to win Miss Earth 2016.

CANADA (Tamara Jemuvic): Tamara is seen as one of the dark horses in this competition. Like others, she has that "IT" quality due to her charm and confidence, which she can use it to penetrate the finals round that needs more fire.

GUAM (Gloria Nelson): Gloria is a strong dark horse in this competition because she possesses fierceness. However, her sash is weak, that is why other pageant fanatics and critics are underrating this girl. Let us see what happens during the competition.

BRAZIL (Bruna Zanardo): The girl from the salsa capital of the world is representing a strong sash. However, many are questioning about her styling and physique. So she needs more shaping and better styling to maintain her strong sash during the competition.

*This is just a prediction and presumed favorite ladies. All these choices can change depending on the performances of the candidates. Hope to see you during the coronation night of Miss Earth 2016 at SM MOA Arena. 

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