Facebook is a very popular social media website that is now currently used by most individuals around the world. This social media platform is one of the best ways for individuals to interact with others regardless of age, place, gender, and nationality. People who want to be famous can easily use this social media website in order to take advantage of the new technology to become famous. This is because Facebook is one of the most reliable social media for people to generate viral profiles, videos, and photos, especially if it is trending online.

However, there are good things that are prone to abuse because some people utilize social media as a way take advantages such as stealing from other individuals or groups. Social media websites are the perfect haven for offenders who wants to scam other individuals. They use their convincing powers to hypnotize other users so that they can gain financial assets or properties. This is the reason why government agencies continuously warn the public when having a conversation with strangers online. You will never know who will the victim be and what kind of criminal offense can do to you or other potential victims.
Christian Lloyd Garcia and Matt Ivan Oda
Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to interact and connect with other users online. The social media platform is developed by the current founder Mark Zuckerberg during his college days. The plan was initially made to create a localized group online to provide a more interactive communication platform with his colleagues. Since then, Facebook became a household communication tool around the world.

Every day, we see numerous viral news, trending topics, and interesting articles published on Facebook by anonymous users, mass media networks, and private individuals. Trending topics are either bringing a positive campaign or negative implication on how the society operates. Whatever the reasons why topics are trending, people always click it in order to investigate the topic. If they are satisfied with the contents of the topic, they just simply like it, share to friends, or comment on the topic that is particularly trending online.

This time, the case of Christian Lloyd Garcia and Matt Ivan Oda has been trending some time in social media. However, the duo became more famous when they were allegedly arrested by the police for being involved in a grave criminal offense. The popularity of the two further escalated online, being the most talked about hotties in Facebook. But because of their popularity, some fans are defending them online because they admire the duo for its very attractive appearance. Curious online users now started searching more about this duo because there are interesting issues that are now generating an attention in social media.

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6 facts about Christian Lloyd Garcia and matt Ivan Oda

1. Facebook hotties: By looking at their profiles, both Christian and Matt has been admired by online social media users due to a well-chiselled body and charming facial appearance. They have both profiles and consistently posting their everyday lifestyle such as going to the gym, chilling, and having a fun time with friends, families, and other hot guys. They have videos both individually and together while dancing. Both Christian and Matt are simply trending in social media, in which they gained numerous friends, followers, and often tagged by different groups and pages to further expose their hotness online.

2. They are arrested for murder and robbery: The sad truth is that both of these young dudes were arrested for killing Reynaldo Jacaban. He was the Barangay Chairman of 736 Zone-80 in Paco District of Manila, Philippines. A closed-circuit television shows that both Christian and Matt was with Reynaldo before Reynaldo was killed. The suspects are also blamed for stealing 300,000 Php that should have been allocated for the wages of barangay officials of 736 Zone-80 in Paco, Manila. The victim was strangulated and asphyxiated using a 1 cm rubber wire while the head was covered on a cloth. The victim also sustained a traumatic injury to the head as well as being intentionally run-off by his own car that was driven by the suspects.

3.  One of the duos is a minor: Matt Ivan Oda is still 17-years-old. Matt was initially brought to the social welfare services because of his age. Matt was then cleared by the social welfare services and then brought to jail together with Christian while waiting for their court arraignment. Meanwhile, Christian is already an adult, which is very young to face such grave crimes for murdering a local official. Regardless of their age, the Philippine National Police is carefully processing the case as it is considered controversial.

4. Alleged blackmailing issue: For the side of the suspects, there was an alleged reason why the murder has been successfully executed by the young hotties. The victim was allegedly trying to blackmail the suspects by reproducing and exposing their explicit videos to the public to either social media or various mass media platforms. It is understandable that for adolescents, blackmailing is a very sensitive matter because it can significantly impact your emotional and mental capacity. Blackmailing can initiate an aggressive behavior towards the person responsible for the blackmailing issue.

5. Histrionic and narcissistic personality: Christianity Lloyd Garcia and Matt Ivan Oda's behaviors in social media is a clear example of having a histrionic personality. This is a type of personality wherein a person always wants to be noticed by the public that is why they always post their photos on their social media accounts. On the other hand, both guys know that they are good-looking. A person with a narcissistic personality possesses a very high self-confidence and self-esteem. Since they are very good looking, they maintain that way by being involved in a healthy lifestyle. and being with other social media famous hotties.

6. Anti-social personality: This is a very crucial fact that every person should know. Anti-social is characterized by showing an aggressive behavior until a victim is already harmed. By committing a grave offense such as executing an individual, you are already considered violent because you already have a history of either physically strangulating or taking away the life of a person. Even if a person confessed, repented, accepted their wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness, there is still a big risk that history can repeat itself. This is especially when similar triggering factor aggravates their aggressive behavior.

*Remember, it is important that looks can be always deceiving. No matter how beautiful or handsome a person is, you will never know the real personality of the person even if you have already known them for many years.

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