This is the worst nightmare for every tourist when they encounter a scamming taxi driver. Tourists want to visit a country due to its promising paradise adventure. But along the way, there are challenges that a tourist could expect because there are individuals who always intend to take advantage of other unsuspecting individuals. This is the case of a returning Filipino back in the Philippines when they encountered an unexpected scenario when they were attempted by the driver and his companion by charging them 3,600 Philippine Peso or 74 US dollars.

The passengers were in shock when the opportunistic taxi driver and his companion were insisting them to pay an amount that is 1000% more than the normal charge by other taxis in the city. It is obvious that the taxi driver is now attempting to extort the passengers along with his companion, creating a heated discussion with the passengers. Both the driver and his companion seated in front are now reasoning out to defend their position why they are charging 3,600 pesos to the passengers who now became irate with the scenario.
The alleged face of the taxi driver scammer and the companion seated on the right
As a passenger, it is also shocking to know why a driver allowed his companion to join the ride along with the passengers. This is a questionable thing for all passengers because the issue of privacy is being invaded by allowing a stranger to accompany the driver and the passenger along the way. Aside from the extortion attempt, it is very dangerous that there are two individuals who will accompany you to your point of destination.

As a passenger, it is always important to ensure that safety is always applied. But then, there are numerous issues that you should be aware of not only about taking care for your safety. However, there are other unsuspecting issues that are always causing additional problems along the way before we reach our point of destination. This is all about riding a taxi cab. This is a barrier of safety that you should have to prepare so that you will be able to control yourself to secure your safety while being in a vulnerable environment.

For the case of the passengers who boarded inside the taxi cab, they were clever enough to request the driver that they should be stopping to another place. Along the way, the passengers were able to spot a police station, which they thought during that time was the best decision so that the extorting driver will fail his mission against them. The driver and his companion became nervous about the scenario because they are now starting to suspect that the passengers have already made up their mind to report them to the police.

The passenger is identified as "Janine" from her Facebook account. She and her male companion were seated at the back of the cab while their baggage was stored in the back compartment of the vehicle. When they arrived at the nearest police station, they immediately went out from the vehicle and then brought their luggage outside from the compartment.

As soon as the passengers got out from the taxi, the driver immediately stepped on the acceleration and gas paddle of the cab and quickly fled the scene. The driver did not manage to close the right back door while they fled the area to get away from the police.

The plate number of the taxi is ABE 1959. The driver's identity along with his companion was not able to shoot the photo of the driver's identity. Janine is calling the public to search the identity of the driver and immediately report him along with his passenger to the authorities.

When Janine reached the police station, the police officers told them that they were lucky enough that those criminals were not able to perpetrate harm or stole any property from them. However, the taxi driver and the companion is held liable for a criminal offense for their abusive behavior.

Janine indicated that people such as the driver and the companion have no place in this society. They are responsible for causing a bad reputation to our society to foreign lands. Their scamming practices are degrading the image and the dignity of the community.

LTO assistant secretary Edgar Galvante indicated that such practices are fined 5,000 pesos for the first offense with an imprisonment of 6 months. Second offense is 10,000 pesos with an imprisonment from 6 months to 1 year. The third offense is 15,000 and the suspect will be jailed for 1 to 6 years. The license will be revoked and the franchise of the taxi will also be suspended or disabled permanently.

Some commenters stated similar experience with other taxi cabs. Some taxis are trying to charge them 3,500 in Philippine pesos in just a 5-kilometer distance. Some are also being charged with 2,500 Philippine pesos. This is the sad truth about abusive taxi drivers who are always thinking about their welfare while taking advantage of future individuals.

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