Does Davao City Death squad really exist? This is the question that many individuals wants to ask the government today. When Rodrigo Duterte won as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines, the issue underlying the existence of a death squad has been already surfacing across the public. This is an issue that has been brought out by the opposition of Duterte administration, which has been raised by groups and individuals who are against the principles and the political governance of Rodrigo Duterte.

Death squads are groups of individuals who are tasked by a certain governing body or a leader to perform executions of several certain personalities or groups. This group is only concentrated on repeat offenders who are known to commit grave misconducts that are already causing an intimidation to the public. Individuals employed to death squads do not refer this name as it provokes emotional and public scandal to the public due to the nature of their activities towards individuals who committed a criminal offense. For this reason, the governing institution does not want the community to know about the existence of this particular group to the public to prevent issues relating to conflict of interest.
Mysterious death squads
Davao City Death Squad is now under the limelight because it is a group that has been interfered by the members of the Commission on Human Rights. This group is also known to other communities as the elite forces because they are assigned by an operating institution to carry out offensives against criminal offenders in a silent way.

On September 15, 2016, the issue relating in the existence of Davao City Death Squad is once against raised. This was because a certain "Edgar Matobato" surfaced to the Senate as well as facing the media that he was a former member of this elite squad. He fearlessly exposed his knowledge and participation as a former squad member without any intimidation. Edgar is very determined and willing to participate in any future hearings that could promote awareness to the public with regards to his experience.

After Edgar Matobato's testimony, many lawmakers are in disbelief for what they have learned about the knowledge of his statements. Initially, almost all the participants of the Senate hearing quickly shrugged off Matobato's claims, citing that he was just gaining popularity in the media. Philippine National Chief Ronald Dela Rosa denies Edgar's statements. Citing that there is no such thing as Davao City Death Squad, which is considered as a mythical group that has only been mentioned in order to satisfy their imaginary mindset.

5 myths about Davao City Death Squad

1. It is an elite group: This is referred to a group of exterminators who are ordered by the governing unit of the community against notorious criminal offenders. Elite group is one of the best ways to eliminate negative elements of the society without being noticed by the public or other officials of the local government units. As an elite group, their operations are not noticed by the general public because the local government unit prevents any media attention seeking investigation or expose their identities and activities to the community.

2. Organized by Duterte: This is a group is believed to be organized by former mayor and now the president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. As the father of a certain community, peace and prosperity are important because every person deserves the right to seek protection from justice, crimes, and threats. This means that an elite group is needed so that notorious criminal offenders will be exterminated instantly and prevents future threats to happen again in the future.

3. The answer to criminal incidents: Davao City is believed by many as one of the most peaceful cities in the country. You can display your luxurious items in public without being snatched by criminal offenders. Although the existence of death squads are denied by government agencies, civilians are happy that their community is free from harm. Most people believe that these squads eliminate all forms of negative elements of the society. In this case, criminal activities can deteriorate easily whenever elite groups perform their tasks efficiently and accurately. As a result, crime rates can secure the society's safety from any sorts of harmful elements of the law.

4. Attracts human rights advocates: Although the existence of death squads has been supported by some members of the public, advocates of human rights also denies its existence. They commented that the existence of death squads are a serious threat to the rights of man. This is because there is no due process of law granted for criminal offenders who are also seeking for a little justice in order to have their sentence lowered. The right to have a second chance to live is sometimes not being granted towards criminal offenders due to the existence of death squads.

5. Controversial: Death squads are controversial because there are issues with regards to the abuse of human rights, especially for wrongfully convicted or suspected individuals who are actually innocent. Another is about the wage benefits of personnel who were involved with the execution of criminal offenders, which could lead to corruption. In addition, death squads can cause intimidation to other civilians because their existence has been covered up by local government units responsible for executing criminal offenders even if they are awaiting trial.

Do you believe that death squads really exist?

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