Pinay celebrity Mystica is now pleading for a financial help that is now trending online. Her 13 to 15-second clip video is now circulating across the internet asking for a kind hearted individuals out there to support her. Netizens are now wondering how Mystica became problematic with her finances by publicly displaying herself pleading for help in the public. This was an unfortunate scenario for a celebrity who is asking for a financial support to strangers.

Mystica was reportedly against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This is simply because she believes that the ideologies of the president do not correspond with the vision of democracy. She lamented her personal sentiments against the president because she fears that the Philippines could suffer another regime that was once hampered the socio-economic integrity of the country for a decade in the 70's decade. Her remarks irked several netizens online, especially for the supporters and loyalists of President Rodrigo Duterte who doubted about her recent publicity that can be viewed on various social media websites.
Philippine celebrity Mystica
Many are just wondering how Mystica suddenly asking for a financial support to the public through her social media account. Her video indicated that she is pleading for some kind hearted individuals to donate some of their savings so that they can help her pay her bills. She also said in her video that she is very anxious that she can lose her home and eventually become a homeless person in the future.

Instead of commenting positive thoughts about her, several netizens were indicating about her past comments against Rodrigo Duterte. They claim that Mystica is now suffering a bad karma due to her wrongful thoughts against the Philippine president. Most irate netizens were commenting about the consequences of bad karma, which is considered a dangerous misfortune that can happen to a person who commented against other individuals, which is the president. Some say that this is her fate and she should face the consequences for what she had done from the past. Mystica then created a video, saying sorry for her foul words against Rodrigo Duterte.

The celebrity actress is hoping that other celebrities in the Philippines will offer their help and support to her and save her financial losses. The members of the entertainment industry in the Philippines is known to offer support with other celebrities, which is a classic humanitarian example on how they want to lift a colleague who is suffering from misfortunes. If other actors or actresses were able to receive support from other famous celebrities, Mystica hopes that she can also experience similar help from any members of the entertainment industry.

Watch her plea for help below

As based on the video, Mystica is observed to whispering in a faint voice. Mystica says "Please help me". But there is a clear message that she could lose her home. Mystica is very sad that no other person could help her that is why she opted to create a video and post it online. Mystica is aiming that her friends from the entertainment industry will try to reach her out.

Earlier, former horror queen Lilia Cuntapay also plead for help in the public to help fund her medical expenses. She was suffering from several medical conditions such as musculoskeletal problems that hampered her physical well-being so that she could be able to perform a normal range-of-motion activities .

Former actress Joy Viado also pleaded for a public support to save her foot from being amputated. She was suffering from diabetes, in which complications was already affecting her foot. Joy Viado just recently died following a heart attack.

Mystica is a famous celebrity in the Philippines. She is a sensational rock star diva and famously known as the "split queen" because she always performs splits whenever she is invited to guest a television or variety shows.

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