On September 15, 2016, The Senate of the Philippines shocked the whole nation when a certain "Edgar Matobato" surfaced in front of the senators. Under the chairmanship of Senator Leila De Lima, Edgar Matobato sworn to the public and promised to adhere to the inquest proceedings of the Senate hearing to let the public know about his purpose for attending the event. His presence created numerous scenes in the House of Senate of the Philippines in Manila.

Edgar Matobato attended the event, which voluntarily claims that he wants to clear his name as well as to reveal the dark secrets of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. What amazes the audience is about his bravery to face the media and to the entire country while he is ready to show something to the country about his revelations to the Philippine administration. He is believed to be the key for the opposition group against the Duterte administration to officially initiate their plans to destabilize the current government of the Philippines. It is a classic example of political rivalries, using everything in order to empower their influence in the world of politics.
Edgar Matobato at Senate Hearing
Edgar Matobato is the latest witness to be interviewed by the members of the House of Senate of the Philippines. He referred himself as the member of Davao City death squad, which mainly operates in the City of Davao. Edgar claims that he is hired by the government personnel of Davao City to exterminate all criminal offenders. These are narcotics users and traders, thieves, rapists, and notorious criminal groups in the city.

Matobato made numerous statements that shocked all individuals present in the Senate hearing. His bravery made a verbal explosion to the Senate, reaching out to the viewers from all over the country. But there is one thing that his words are telling something to the public, he has been observed being straightforward to every answer on each question being asked on him. Edgar started calling names, places, and groups whom are all connected to extrajudicial executions in Davao City.

After he answered all the questions by the participants of the Senate hearing, it is clear that most Senators are already casting their doubts towards the statements of the new witness. They seem to wonder that this person has a mythical vibe in the Senate room where he was questioned due to his involvement of past executions of notorious criminals. It will be expected that the public will see Edgar to appear in the Senate hearing for more days to come and will further provide statements that could bring more shock to the public. Even though many are not convinced, he is determined to drop all remaining bombs to the senate hearing, making him a mysterious witness.

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5 mysterious facts about Edgar Matobato

1. Is he really a witness? This is the question being asked to him by other doubtful individuals who wants to further examine his presence in the senate hearing. And the name, is he really Edgar Matobato? His participation with the Senate hearing has yet to be confirmed if he was used as a nuisance to the Senate's main issue, which is all about the extrajudicial executions in the country. Edgar has been denied by Koko Pimentel to qualify as an official state witness under the custody of the Senate.

2. Edgar claims himself as a member of the Philippine Scout Ranger: Edgar Matobato is claiming that he is a certified Scout Rangers of the Philippines. His experience being a scout ranger made his skills in handling criminal investigations and executions efficient and accurate as ordered by the government of Davao City. However, the Armed Forces of the Philippines could not confirm his mysterious claim because his name was not on the official list of Scout Rangers in the Philippines.

3. The amount given to him as a state witness: It is important to know that it takes courage to show in a Senate hearing. But Edgar Matobato is no exception as he is brave enough to show himself to national television. This means that it takes a mysterious amount of money in order for a person to commit such actions even if it can risk their lives and safety in the future. It is observed that a person can risk everything in exchange for a monetary gain before they prepare to accomplish a task that seems impossible to apply.

4. Numerous, but inconsistent thoughts: Edgar's statements are highly impressive because he is mentioning numerous information with regards to his participation with several extrajudicial executions. However, there are some inconsistencies with regards to his statements. These are the exact location of the incident, persons involved, and the number of individuals who were involved int he incident. Edgar could not confirm several information that has been implied earlier, which makes his statements mysterious by other members of the Senate.

5. The secret weapon of the opposition group: President Duterte's campaign has been triggering numerous criticisms both local and international audiences. Opposition groups are taking advantage by mysteriously surfacing a man in order to create a breakthrough with their political tactics. Edgar Matobato is just an example on how tactical operations can be influential to the public as well as to the leaders, citing that they can create a significant change or attention to the public.

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