Every year, there are new phones that are being released by electronics companies who wants to continue challenging the future. They release newly refurbished electronic gadgets in order to provide a more convenient usage for the consumers as well as with the investors. There are new features that are now causing a new trend to worldwide consumers because these are some of the reasons why an individual should become more productive with their personal or professional related affairs. For this reason, products generate consumer demand because users want to acquire new gadgets to go along with the trend.

The first consumers who bought Samsung Note 7 had been complaining about the faulty electrical systems of the gadget. Citing that there were numerous reports of fire hazards, which is a significant threat to safety. Around the world, there are at least more than 35 documented units who were confirmed responsible for fire hazards. For this issue, the first buyers of the unit were now dismayed by the unexpected hazards caused by the unit that made a significant threat to their property as well as with their safety.
Samsung Note 7
After a formal investigation made by Samsung, the company made an announcement to recall all Samsung Note 7 units worldwide. Users are advised to return the units to any certified Samsung outlets around the world so that the units will be returned to the company for further analysis and improvement of the said unit.

Users who already bought the item may have the privilege to reimburse it from Samsung company. This is only limited to users of Samsung Note 7 due to the risk of hazards that can affect health and safety of the community advocating the product. Samsung wants to prevent future incidents that can happen to other consumers so that it can control the risk of experiencing smartphone explosions that may lead to fire hazards or injuries.

In addition, Samsung warns the public to always use precautionary measures when using Note 7 if they may not opt to return it to any Samsung outlets around the world. This includes preventing overcharging, which may cause electrical pressure to the batteries that may lead to unfavorable results such as explosions. Never use the phone whenever it is currently charging because it can significantly cause unexpected hazards such as explosions. This is because when you use the phone while charging, more electrical energy will be used, causing an increased pressure to the batteries to

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Here are 5 reasonable facts why Samsung Note & is banned by Transportation companies

1. Exploding battery: One of the main reason why this product is now banned by several companies is due to the threat of safety for anyone who will use it. The battery may seem have defects with regards to its casing, connection, and other electrical issues inside the smart phone gadget. If there is a slight pressure applied against the battery, it could generate a reaction that could trigger a hazardous consequence, affecting the safety as well as the health of the user.

2. It can set your property on fire: If you left your phone being charged in your car, it will be more likely that you are risking a safety hazard. This is because if there are changes with the electrical flow towards the battery of your gadget, it can set itself on fire. Leaving your phone being overcharged is one of the main reasons why the gadget may not be able to hold enough energy source that it can cause a chemical reaction, leading to a fire hazard. Being negligent could cause you hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damages due to this explosive device.

3. Cause accidents and possible criminal charges: When you are planning to bring your Samsung Note 7 gadget to airport, bus terminals, or ports, it is better to leave it. This gadget is totally banned in all terminals around the world. Several airline, bus companies, and ferries bans the use of this particular device due to the risk of safety, which could violate international safety standards for traveling. You might be also at risk of being considered as terrorist because you are carrying a device that is highly combustible, which could cause a hazard in the transportation industry.

4. Samsung recalls Note 7 worldwide: Even though there are just only less than reported cases of Note 7 that exploded or caught fire, the management announced that all Note 7 should be recalled immediately. This is to prevent future incidents to happen for those who already bought the item. This is because Samsung is always committed to ensure that the safety of the users of its products are always applied. Thus, recall is the most appropriate solution to fix the problem of defective smart phones that are highly combustible as well as to prevent violations for products safety in both local and international standards.

5. Risk for injuries: There are reported cases that Samsung Note 7 has been responsible for causing injuries to the users while carrying the item. One example is when the victim already sustained burns in their thigh, which is the most common area of the body where smart phones are being kept in the pant's pockets. Heat is one of the most blamed triggering factors that caused the batteries to ignite flames and then leading to a chemical reaction. Patients who are burned seeked medical intervention to provide an immediate first-aid treatment to the part of the body where affected by the hazardous item.

*It is always important to secure your health and safety. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Be sure to increase your awareness regarding the potential hazards of all devices that you buy and use it. If you got hurt, it will be expected that you have to spent more just to seek treatment.

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