Instead of engaging in war games being held annually in the Philippines, president Rodrigo Duterte prefers to use the finances from joint war games for buying weapons for strengthening the defense capability of the country. This is a solution that needs to be initiated because the Philippines is believed still behind from its neighbors when it comes to an arms race. This is a much better solution so that the country can further regenerate its weapons against groups and territories that can improve the country's defense forces.

Rodrigo Duterte believes that foreign militaries operating in Mindanao island could disrupt current Philippine military operations. This is because the Abu bandits are now creating an alliance with other groups in the mainland Mindanao, which could cause another problem with the Philippine government. For this reason, the president is certain that military operations should be only initialized by the Philippine government. As a country who is struggling with military operations against the terror groups, the Philippine government believes that there will be a consequence whenever there are foreign troops operating in the country.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants to buy military weapons from China and Russia
President Rodrigo Duterte's statement against the military operations of US Army in Mindanao was made in a press conference in Malacanang on September 14, 2016. He believes that without the presence of foreign troops in Mindanao, terrorist groups will not be able to find another way to generate intimidation to the society by attempting to abduct foreigners.

The Malacanang Palace indicated that the President is concerned with the welfare of foreign troops operating in Mindanao. Not only for foreign troops, there are other tourists from other parts of the world who are currently on the island that could further generate another atrocity for the country. President wants to earn more arms to improve the defense force of the country. These foreigners are at high risk because the terror group is now being persuaded by the  military forces. They lost several dozens of members, arms, and properties. This is the reason why they need to abduct new victims so that they could immediately generate an income to buy new facilities.

Meanwhile, Duterte reiterated that his comments regarding the arms sales do not have any connection with his previous statements against the United States. The Philippines is committed implementing bilateral ties to all nations including the United States. The United States also issued a statement to the press that the Philippines did not have any formal order, demanding US military forces to leave Mindanao island.

5 facts why the Philippines want to buy arms from China and Russia

1. To improve defense force: The Philippines has one of the weakest military force in the Asian region, with a limited number of air, land, and marine equipment for military operations. This is the reason why rebel groups, as well as terrorist bandits, can easily accomplish their operations across the country. Rebel forces can enter or exit the country without being noticed by the military personnel in the Philippines because there are no or little facilities used to patrol all territorial jurisdiction that ensures the safety and security of the country.

2. Continue modernization: All facilities are getting older each year. Even if you may not notice, there are facilities that are already outdated and needs to be replaced with new and improved military facilities. Modernization is one of the best ways to enhance military capabilities in both local and international affairs. Modernizing military equipment is one of the most progressive ways to improve the capabilities of the Philippines to cope up with the emerging technological facilities that can help to battle security threats in the country. Modernization will likely to continue for the next coming years until such time that the Philippines can contain all security threats.

3. Adapt emerging technologies: The Philippines always wants to have equipment being built using the state of the art technology. Using artistic military facilities aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of military operations responsible for sustaining the security needs of the Philippines. The risk of failure that can provide a less likely to happen because it can seek to prevent accidents and mistakes that could blame the operations of the military. Technologically enhanced military equipment seek to benefit military operations by decreasing the amount of mortality or injuries among military personnel.

4. Elevate the strength of the Philippine Military system: Philippine Military system is currently experiencing a progressive improvement due to new facilities. However, it may take long before any facilities will be fully acquired by the Philippines. China and Russia are always manufacturing their military artilleries efficiently, which helps other nations to improve their defense system. Elevating the strength of the Philippine military system can effectively drive away existing and future rebels responsible for terrorizing the Philippine security systems.

5. Outsource alternative military facilities: The Philippines has always been relying heavily on the Western coalition with regards to acquiring new facilities. This time, it is already the right moment for the Philippines to seek for alternative resources where it could generate new facilities to improve its military equipment. Countries like Russia and China have different styles, new machineries, and facilities that could integrate the existing military facilities of the Philippines. This is a creative move for the Philippine government to further improve its defense system.

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