Maria Aurora Fernandez, the latest victim of a gun-for-hire group was found dead along the Temple Drive corner in Giraffe Street, Barangay Ugong Norte in the City of Quezon. Maria Aurora sustained multiple gunshot wounds responsible for her demise at the scene of the crime. Vigilante groups are now becoming more fierce as they do not consider the gender of any suspected user or pushers of prohibited narcotic distribution in the Philippines.

The latest female victim is now trending online because she is the sister of Maritoni Fernandez, which is now trending online. Maritoni Fernandez is a famous Filipina actress, which is actively a cast in several television shows, variety events, movies, and commercial shows in the entertainment industry. Her sister's killing indicates that the anti-narcotics drive is now starting to sweep against entertainers who have been involved in drug trade all over the Philippines. Authorities and vigilante believed that Maria Aurora is responsible for using and distributing some of the prohibited narcotics to other local celebrities in the entertainment industry.
Maritoni Fernandez on far left with her side, Maria Aurora Moynihan was shot by unknown assailants in Quezon City. Maria's body was placed with a cardboard sign indicating that she was a dealer of narcotics to celebrities. 
At the crime scene, the victim was intentionally pulled out from her vehicle and then placed a tag on her body. The tag was captioned "This is a warning to other celebrities who will be tipped using, distributing, and involved in illegal trafficking will be the next one to be executed". Aurora's death is a stern warning that whoever will be caught linked with illegal trade will be immediately neutralized.

 According to the spokesperson of Quezon City Police Chief, Aurora was believed supplying party narcotics to celebrities. Police Chief Guillermo Eleazar says that Aurora's activities were previously reported by tipsters, which is a part of the anti-narcotics campaign by President Rodrigo Duterte. The Quezon City Police Department is currently investigating the crime scene to determine other motives behind the killings of Aurora Moynihan.

Aside from Maria Aurora Moynihan, there are other celebrities who are now being tagged distributing illegal narcotics to the entertainment industry. The Philippine National Police has escalated its anti-narcotics drive to the entertainment industry where party narcotics is very rampant, risking the lives and career of young entertainment artists. This campaign can help prevent artists from becoming an addict to illegal substances that might destroy their showbiz career while they are currently experiencing a boom in with their entertainment exposure.

The Philippine National Police believes that the entertainment industry has another face of narcotics system, which has been affecting young entertainment artists. This is because they use party narcotics, which is more rampant in this industry in the country.

Most artists and other talents from the entertainment industry are into parties. Every event held by their talent management are always through parties, which is the best place for illegal substance carriers and distributors to sell prohibited narcotics.

Aurora Moynihan and Maritoni Fernandez are the daughters of a former British Baron, Antony Moynihan. They are also related to the former chairman of British Olympic Association, Colin Moynihan.

The Moynihan clan is now grieving the sudden loss of their family member. They are now seeking for legal intervention with regards to the latest involvement of Maria Aurora's fatal shooting incident.

The Philippine National Police Chief are now urging all other involved personalities linked with the illegal possession, distribution, and manufacturing of illegal substances to surrender or face persecution by the authorities.

Any individual who will resist arrests upon apprehension shall face any firm consequences by the members of the authorities.

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