Teresita Ssen Marquez is very glad to reach her goal on the conclusion of Miss World Philippines 2017 in SM, MOA Arena, Bay City, Pasay City, Metro Manila as the recipient of Miss Reina HispanoAmerica Philippines 2017 award. Popularly known as Wynwyn, she is very glad that she can banner the Philippine flag when it will be the time for her to represent the country in an international beauty pageant competition. When Wynwyn's loved ones attended the coronation just to cheer and provided her with all their support, she couldn't have been happier because they are the source of her strength when she competed in a national beauty pageant.

Now that the pageant is already over, Teresita's next goal is to undergo an intensive beauty pageant training under the Aces and Queens camp. As a newly crowned beauty queen, it is mandatory for her to attend a rigorous training and workshops before she will travel to Bolivia and represent the country in the annual Reina HispanoAmerica pageant. This means that there are mandatory schedules for her to attend in preparation for the international pageant that is expected to happen next month. Wynwyn is very excited to undergo an intensive beauty pageant training and hoping that she will be the first Filipina to win the crown.
Miss Reina HispanoAmerica Filipinas 2017 Teresita Marques
Reina Hispano-America is an annual beauty pageant based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia since 1991. The annual pageant aims to celebrate Hispanic heritage, culture, and language of Hispanic countries around the world. The annual beauty pageant was originally identified as Reina Sudamericana (South American Queen). In 2007, organizers changed the name to Reina HispanoAmericana after it invited countries outside the South American continent such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, United States, Curacao, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines.

Teresita Marquez is now undergoing a rigorous beauty pageant training to par her beauty pageant skills and knowledge to reach one goal. This is to become one of the most competitive candidates for this year's edition of Reina Hispano-Americana. Even though she is already trained enough to clinch one of the national titles, Wynwyn is aware that she will be competing against some of the best pageant contestants in the world, which is mostly from South America. This part of the world has the highest concentration of beauty pageant contenders who are heavily trained before competing in international competitions.

The Reina Hispano-Americana organizers invited the Philippines to send a representative because the country was once under the Spanish rule for more than 300 centuries. The Spaniards totally enclosed the Philippine archipelago and prevented other Europeans and even Asian countries to enter the country during its rule. During the length of colonization, Spain heavily influenced the culture and lifestyle of the Philippine settlers. Spanish cultural influence transformed the Philippine cuisine, fashion, communication, and architecture, which is a unique influence in the Asian region. The Philippines was referred to as Las Islas Filipinas honoring King Philip of Spain during the Spanish rule.

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Will Teresita Marquez win Reina Hispano-Americana 2017?

Latinas will surely worry about the inclusion of the Philippines in Reina Hispano-Americana pageant because Teresita can be the first Filipina to win the title. She is well-trained, experienced, and an articulate person. One interesting thing about Teresita Marquez is her height, which is at 1.68 cm. Her height is already considered more than an average Filipino height for women in the Philippines; however, she is the smallest among the rest of candidates for Reina Hispano-America 2017. This means that she can use her height as an advantage because Teresita has a bubbly personality with a wicked beauty pageant skill. Teresita has been training for several years since 2014, which can make herself shine during the coronation night.

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Teresita as runner-up

Reina Hispano-Americana has four runners-up from 1st to 4th placements. Teresita Marquez still has a chance to fill one of the runners-up placements because she is expressive and willing to express her thoughts or ideas in any public space. Wynwyn is a local celebrity in the Philippines, which is always exposed to public affairs in both on-screen and off-screen activities. She comes from a family of prominent local personalities in the Philippines. Once that she can speak fluent Spanish language, Teresita could prove that the Philippines is not an ordinary country to reckon with in the field of beauty pageants.


Teresita Marquez trained for several years before winning Miss Reina Hispano-Americana Filipinas 2017 title. She developed a unique superb walk that makes her stand out whenever she comes out on stage. She knows how to project herself by showing the curves of her body while doing a catwalk. Her stage presence is contagious as she spreads her confidence level to the audience while displaying her toned body. Wynwyn knows how to project herself in front of the camera while using her energetic personality and lovable aura.

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Why Reina Hispano-Americana beauty pageant is important?

The Philippines' participation of Reina Hispano-Americana beauty pageant provides another opportunity to penetrate the Latin American culture. Teresita will surely learn from any strategies applied by the Latinas while competing for the pageant. She knows that Latin America is the seat of an international beauty pageantry, in which she will be competing with highly competitive Latinas who were trained by the best beauty pageant camps in the world.

Through Teresita, participating in the pageant allow Filipino culture integrate with South Americans, which is also beneficial on their part to know more about the Philippines. Teresita introduces another flavor in the pageant through her presence, personality, and participation in the pageant to Latin American audience and communities. The Latin American community will start to appreciate the impact of the Philippines not only in the world of beauty pageants but to the cultural heritage of the Filipinos as well.

So what are her chances?

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