As early as August of this year, there are several dozens of ladies who were either handpicked or won their respective national titles to represent their nation for Miss International 2017. There are at least more than three dozen delegates from different parts of the world who are now preparing to compete to become an international beauty queen. Candidates are now searching for their perfect wardrobe, practicing their international personalities, improving their catwalks, and learning the Japanese culture including the dialects.

There are some ladies who are silently generating an attention to international pageant fans from around the world. Pageant fanatics created their favorite by listing the most suitable delegate to win the crown as they feel that they have the strongest potential to nail Miss International 2017. Most pageant enthusiasts only come up with top 10 favorites as of August of 2017 because some countries are still yet to hold their national beauty pageants. Nevertheless, many pageant supporters from around the world are now waiting for delegates that can fill up their list of predicted ladies who could penetrate the top 15 semifinalists of Miss International 2017 or could even win the pageant during the coronation night.
Miss International 2017 top 10 early favorites
Miss International is one of the major beauty pageants in the world. It has an average of at least 70 contestants from all over the world to participate in one of the most prestigious pageants in the world. Miss International 2017 is expected to be held in November in Tokyo, Japan.

Pageant experts and fanatics created their own criteria for selecting their list of favorite contestants to win a major international pageant such as Miss International 2017. One is the overall physical appearance, in which the face value and the body structure is important because this is a major international pageant competition. The second is the wit or the ability to show their superb articulateness when communicating with other individuals. Thirdly, the catwalk skill of a person, which reflects their preparedness to walk in front of the audience while applying the correct body posture, gracefulness, and confidence on stage.

The most important part of Miss International beauty pageant is their format of selecting the new winner. The top 15 semi-finalists are now asked to explain why they should be the next Miss International 2017. Each semifinalist will have the chance to nail their answers by explaining the reasons, citing examples, and concluding their point of view in order to win the hearts of the audiences and to gain a high score from the judges. The top five candidates that garnered the highest score usually wins the competition during the coronation night of Miss International major beauty pageant. Are you ready to know the list of top 10 early favorites?

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Miss International 2017 top 10 early favorites

COLOMBIA (Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve)
Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve
During the coronation of the national pageant (Senorita Colombia), Colombian fans regarded the top two ladies had a close competition. Vanessa is a polished candidate who is always ready to rock the stage with her statuesque body structure and stage presence. She is very eloquent on her thoughts and can respond accurately to every question that will be asked towards her. Vanessa's beauty is regal that best represents the standards of Miss International 2017, which is classy, but elegant beauty queen that is perfect for an ambassadress position.

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INDONESIA (Kevin Lilliana)
Kevin Lilliana
This girl can have another good chance of placing the most prestigious international pageant that is currently headquartered by by the Japanese beauty makers in Tokyo.

After placing as the first runner-up during the conclusion of Puteri Indonesia or Miss Indonesia beauty pageant, Kevin is regarded to have a unique oriental beauty. Many will be surely confused with her name because due to the stereotypical way of naming a person according to their gender, but this woman can surprise everyone with her appalling beauty. Kevin is currently undergoing a rigorous beauty pageant training along with other current national pageant titleholders to replicate their competitive performance last year. Kevin hopes to place higher than her predecessor as the second runner-up of Miss International 2016.

JAPAN (Natsuki Tsutsui)
Natsui Tsutsui
Japan is probably the best-placed candidate in the history of the Miss International beauty pageant. This year, Natsuki has a strong confidence vibe that generates an extra magnetic power to the judges and audience. Her oriental beauty can easily generate points for the judges. As the host girl, Natsuki has big chances of penetrating the semifinals. One more thing is that she has no problem with the language barrier because there are numerous translators who can help her build rapport with other contestants during the pageant.

MEXICO (Citlaly Higuera)
Citlaly Higuera
This Latin country is regaining a momentum in the world of beauty pageantry under the name of Citlaly. This Mexican woman is probably the most photogenic of all candidates as of August. Citlaly presents a very strong aura that can hypnotize anyone who looks directly into her eyes. She is well-trained, fully prepared, and ready to bring back the glory of Mexico in Miss International beauty pageant. The only thing that she could do is to prepare the best answer during the finals round in order to nail the competition and win the title.

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PHILIPPINES (Mariel De Leon)
Mariel De Leon
This girl has the heaviest pressure than the rest of the candidates for Miss International 2017. The reigning winner is Kylie Versoza, which is the predecessor of Mariel. However, never underestimate this girl because she could be the right person to make history to make the Philippines as the first country to make a back-to-back win for Miss International this 2017. She is now currently undergoing training by one of the best beauty pageant handlers in the world. She is very articulate on her thoughts, always analyze her weak points, and continue to observe any gaps that could make her standout.

POLAND (Magdalena Bienkowska)
Magdalena Bienkowska
Magdalena is the face of Europe that is gunning for a placement in Miss International 2017. She exudes the charm of a Barbie doll that can easily attract attention to the audiences during the pageant. Her body structure has a flawless structure that represents elegance and poise. Magdalena can be considered as an underdog in this pageant as there are streams of Latina and Asian vibes that continued to gain attention to the pageant. The sweet vibe can help her standout from the rest of fierce ladies to win the most coveted crown.

SOUTH AFRICA (Tayla Skye Robinson)
Tayla Skye Robinson
A delegate from Africa can easily penetrate the semifinal round by just maximizing her blonde vibe with a strong physical character. Tayla Skye has a personality that can make her dominate the pageant. Her unique bone structure emanates her facial beauty as the camera loves her physical persona that can make her noticeable than the rest of the candidates. She is well-composed, striking an elegant character that fits with the standards of Miss International requirements for every woman to best represent their brand.

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USA (Shanel James)
Shanel James
Another North Americal girl is now back to strike Miss International beauty pageant with a Yaritza Reyes vibe. In this edition, Shanel James is hoping for a placement and tries to beat the stereotypes of the competition's rigorous traditions. Her bubbly personality is one of her best assets along with her confidence and unique beauty. This woman is now under a program that aims to sculpt her catwalk, communication skills, and stage projections to increase her competitiveness in the competition. If this girl enters the semifinals, expect for a placement because she can deliver a promising and a touching answer that can wow the judges.

VENEZUELA (Rosangelica Piscitelli)
Rosangelica Piscitelli
Rosangelica exhumes class and royalty that is kinda different from the past delegates that were sent to previous editions of Miss International. Venezuela beauty pageant camp is probably changing their strategy to use their "Miss World quality" to their delegates sent to Miss International due to a series of frustrations when past delegates failed to enter the semifinals. Adding flavors of royalty, class, and eloquence in addition to their well-known fierce vibe is probably the perfect combination to continue dominating Miss International as they are now challenged by the Philippines in terms of the number of winnings.

VIETNAM (Huynh Thi Thuy Dung) 
Huynh Thi Thuy Dung
This Southeast Asian country is sending an interestingly gorgeous delegate this year. Huynh Thi Thuy has a queenly vibe that is just waiting for the Miss International crown to place it in her head during the finals night. The aura of this woman is very strong with a perfect combination of bone structures. Her stage presence is evident whenever she goes in front of the audience because she knows how to balance her royalty presence with her confidence and strong charming capacity. It will not be a surprise if this girl will be the next successor of Kylie Versoza.

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