The Philippines is once again in the spotlight of world news from major international news networks due to its anti-narcotics campaign. On the night of August 15 and 16, more than two dozens civilians were deliberately executed by the police force in Metro Manila and nearby provinces such as Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, and Laguna. The latest anti-narcotics campaign is under the directives of President Rodrigo Duterte, who wants to promote safety by neutralizing criminal elements of the law. According to the Philippine President, cracking down traffickers of narcotics are responsible for promoting crime across the country.

On the evening of August 16, 2017, Kian Lloyd Delos Santos was just going to close their store in front of their house as part of his daily routine before preparing for his class tomorrow. When the police officers came and approach him, he was suddenly forced to kneel down. Then Kian realized that he is now the victim of being falsely accused of being involved in narcotics peddling in the area. Kian begged for his life to let the police free him while the officers are busy containing him as part of the "Oplan Galugad" campaign under the initiative of President Rodrigo Duterte. The incident negatively tarnished the reputation of anti-narcotics campaign by the Duterte administration.
The family and friends cry justice for Kian Loyd Delos Santos
Kian Lloyd D. Delos Santos was a Grade 11 Student in Our Lady of Lourdes College located in Gen. T. De Leon in Valenzuela, Metro Manila. Kian hopes to become a police officer someday to serve and protect the public against criminal offenders. However, his dreams will no longer come true as he was already executed by the law enforcement members when he was mistakenly identified as a peddler of illegal substances.

Kian's father cries for justice as he contradicted all the allegations made by the police officers against his son. One concerning issue was that Kian is not in the legal age for the police scalawags to treat him like an animal. Saldy Delos Santos will miss his son who always provides him a massage before they sleep at night. Kian's mother, Lorenza begged for her employers just to allow her to return home after knowing that her son was the latest victim of anti-narcotics injustice made by the scalawags cops in front of her home. Upon arriving home, all she could do is to beg for forgiveness as she was not around when the incident happened.

The police officers involved in the incident were then relieved from their post and waiting for a thorough investigation. The Philippine National Police is now investigating the incident and vows to apprehend the scalawags if proven guilty from their negligent act. Some senators were dismayed by the aggressive behavior of the police officers involved in anti-narcotics campaign while they are making house-to-house operations to curb traffickers of illegal substances. If found guilty, the police officers involved in the incident has a big possibility to have their license revoked and lose all government benefits.

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5 Facts why the case of Kian Loyd Delos Santos is now trending

1. Kian Loyd is a minor: Police Officers are in big trouble because they have just executed a minor. Under the Philippine Law, the case can be in a violation of the Republic Act 9262, which is the violence against Women and their Children. Kian's age plays a big factor to consider the case a high-profile issue that will be held under investigation by numerous agencies. The police officers will face numerous charges after the demise of Kian Loyd Delos Santos under their hands aside from the administrative suits that will be filed against them.

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2. Mistaken identity: Obviously, the police did not conduct a further investigation before arresting or offering a search warrant to the person of interest. the case of Kian was a case of a mistaken identity because the police officer did not verify the identity of the victim, which already concluded due to the aggressiveness of their behavior. The police officers did not ask who Kian was and already apprehended him in a brutal way before supposing to have remained silent before he should have been investigated after the confrontation with the police officers.

3. Alleged monetary award per executed peddlers: There are rumors that for every head that is fatally apprehended on the spot, there is a corresponding reward of five digits in Philippine Peso currency. The alleged reward is said to be a triggering factor for the apprehending officials to become aggressive in searching for the persons of interests connected to the illegal peddling of prohibited substances. The aggressive behavior is a triggering factor for the law enforcers to commit incidents of mistaken identity.

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4. Degrading the morale of the police force: The Philippine National Police is thankful for having a president who is an avid supporter of the law enforcement agency. President Rodrigo Duterte's good governance campaign has been relentless on apprehending criminal elements of the society. However, incidents similar to Kian's fate can significantly degrade the morale of the police, instigating fear to the society regarding the real essence of security and safety of the society. People are now becoming more cautious if the operations of the police officers were indeed a legitimate act.

5. Allegations that Kian is a peddler: The involved policemen were firm that Kian was indeed the alleged illegal peddler of prohibited substances in the area. This is the defense made by the relieved policemen after fatally apprehending Kian without allowing him due process. The defendants presented a witness to confirm that Kian was indeed involved in illegal trading of prohibited substances in the area. However, all Kian's immediate relatives and friends denied the accusations.

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