Filipina celebrity Arci Munoz is a rising superstar in the Philippine Entertainment Industry. Arci's career is now enjoying itself on the top of her career. She is currently attending various entertainment events and variety shows around the country to let her fans see their female idol in front of the stage. Arci Munoz rose to stardom when she transferred to ABS-CBN television network and started as part of variety shows, television segments, and soap operas. When she appeared in Pasion de Amor as Norma Elizondo-Samonte, her celebrity status further intensified due to her regal and classic beauty.

On the second week of August of 2017, Arci Munoz appeared on a local event to attend her scheduled celebrity tour. Fans began to notice something different with Arci's facial beauty when she stepped in front of the stage. Spectators who were near the stage began taking pictures of their favorite celebrity while performing a rock event to endorse a certain product. Some fans proudly posted their photo together with Arci Munoz after attending the event. A few moments after posting their photos with Arci Munoz, the pictures went viral on the internet, speculating that Arci underwent beauty enhancement procedure.
Arci Munoz beautiful new look
Arci Munoz is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She is legally known as Ramona Cecilia Datuin Munoz. She was born on the 12th of January in 1989. Arci Munoz is also a singer and a lead vocalist of "Philia", which is a local rock band in the Philippines. She is under contract with Star Magic talent agency of ABS-CBN.

Arci's career began to penetrate the local showbiz industry when she participated in GMA Network's reality show StarStruck in 2005. Since her local entertainment stint, she began to appear in various GMA and TV5 television shows. She was also the host of Willie Revillame's variety shows such as Wil Time Bigtime and Wowowillile. Arci appeared in local movies such as Extra Service, Can We Still Be Friends, Camp Sawi, and Always Be My Maybe. Aside from being known as a performing artist and an actress, Arci Munoz represented the Philippines in the yearly Asia Supermodel Competition in 2008.

Arci was then asked about the noticeable changes in her face and indicated that she is happy for whatever decisions that she made in her body. She is aware that it is already 2017 and we are already open for this kind of procedure and there is nothing wrong with it for as long as you are contented and happy with your body. Netizens also compared Arci's former look when she joined StarStruck reality television show for a new pool of talents. Fans speculated that Arci is now transitioning from one look to another. Her supporters are still positive about Arci's new look despite from the criticisms brought about by other enraged fans after they saw her latest photo online as well on the news.

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5 Facts Why Celebrity Arci Munoz is still beautiful after her viral photo

1. She is a celebrity: In the entertainment industry, physical appearance is the main investment for every celebrity in either local or international setting. You should always look good in any angular aspect because you have fans that always follow you whatever you do and wherever you go. As a celebrity, your face is the symbol of the entertainment industry where beauty and perfection are the perfect recipes to maintain your fame in the public scene. No matter what you do, your face is still the most important part of your body that you must have to maintain.

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2. Arci is now perfect for her new look: One noticeable feature of Arci is her luscious lips, which symbolizes her overall beauty and perfection. As they say, your smile is the window to your soul, but lips are the door that will lead you through your soul. Her almond-shaped eyes are the most alluring part of her face, which can easily grab your attention due to its attractive desire to penetrate your soul that catches your heart when you see her eyes looking at you. Arci's jawline compliments her overall facial aura that transcends her status as an attractive celebrity.

3. This woman has a great attitude: One thing about Arci is that she is open to criticisms. Arci Munoz did not show any reluctant behavior or arrogance when she was asked about the latest craze about her photo. She is aware that her photo is the center of attention for both social media users and entertainment news journalists. Arci reiterated that our society is now open for any procedure because we are now living in the modern society. She understands that there are still some who advocate conservativism to initiate criticisms against her decisions in life.

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4. Different photos from the past: Social media users were quick to search Arci's previous appearance when she entered into showbiz-ness. One thing was when she joined a reality talent search "StarStruck" when they noticed something about her that makes her different from what she appears at the present. Fans prefer Arci's look after her first procedure because she looks better before she unleashes her latest look. They defended that Arci experienced an allergic reaction to a certain food that made her face look uncomfortable and it may return back to normal after she will take a long rest.

5. Arci wants everybody to be open minded: Arci is just a person who wants to be happy with her own decisions in life. She wants everybody to realize that we are now living in the modern society. She understands that many cannot move on when they see someone like her who underwent a procedure, but there are other people out there who also made similar decisions that made them happy without hurting anyone. At the end of the day, it is still yourself who will benefit your decisions and not by being dictated by the intuitions of other individuals, especially for those who do not really know you at all.

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Are you still happy for her?

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