After 2016 pageant season, the Philippines is now on its 2nd year for reigning as the country of the year in the world of beauty pageants. The country ranked in almost all international beauty pageants around the world. From a title holder to a semi-finalist, Philippine delegates continue to show the world how confident a Filipina is when competing in beauty pageants. The question is, will the Philippines maintain its position as the country of the year for the next pageant season? This depends on the performance of the next crowned beauty queens who will be competing in major international beauty pageant events around the world.

The Philippines reached its dominance in the world of beauty pageantry after a rigorous analysis by local pageant mentors. Beauty pageant camps conducted a feasibility study to analyze all angles of skills and knowledge to transform its local beauty pageant title holders into a promising candidate in major beauty pageants. Delegates from the Philippines usually penetrates the semi-finals, runners-up, and then all the way to the title. Aside from penetrating the semifinals round, the Philippines are lucky to receive special awards, making it an advantage point for the delegates to elevate their exposure to other beauty pageant fans, organizers, and the judges. The consecutive dominance of the Philippines in major international beauty pageants have strengthened the country's sash factor.
Philippine delegates in major international beauty pageants who penetrated in semifinalists, finalists, runners-up, and winners
The Philippines successfully hosted the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant, the largest beauty pageant in the world. Iris Mittenaere from France won her country's second crown after she bested other 85 delegates. Maxine Medina from the Philippines made a top 6 finish after the coronation event of the beauty pageant.

For the 66th edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant, Maxine Medina landed on top 6. In Miss World 2016, Catriona Gray landed on the final 5 spot. The Philippines managed to clinch its 6th Miss International crown through Kylie Versoza. Joana Eden landed on top 25 quarter-finalist round. Nichole Manalo was declared as the third runner-up in Miss Globe 2016. Nicole Cordoves landed as first runner-up in Miss Grand International 2016. Jennifer Hammond finished top 15 in Miss Intercontinental 2016. Jeslyn Santos made headlines as the first Filipina to win Miss United Continents 2016. This makes the Philippines as the country of the year. However, Imelda Schweighart failed to reach the semifinals round of Miss Earth 2016.

Most pageant analysts and critics regarded the Philippines as the most successful country in international beauty pageant competitions. For each international pageant, the Philippines continues to shine as the representatives are always expected to penetrate the semi-finalist spots. Local beauty pageant camps in the Philippines have finally come up with a set of promising strategies for the next generation contestants who will be joining either the local and international beauty pageants. In this season, expect the Philippines to continue their winning streak as they have learned another skill and strategy because several international beauty pageants have recently changed their screening style to choose a new winner.

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Watch the successful Filipina beauty queens in the year of 2016

5 Reasons why the Philippines is the country of the year?

1. Created the perfect pageant recipe: For the past decades, Filipino beauty pageant camps were busy completing the perfect ingredients to improve the skill and strategies of Filipina delegates to major international beauty pageant competition. Talent management agencies were able to finalize their perfect recipe when they finally sent Venus Raj, who opened the magical door for the next generation contestants to return the Philippines to the map as a beauty pageant frontrunner. Since then, Filipina ladies consistently performed well year after year to dominate international beauty pageantry.

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2. Improving communication skills: Communication is important in the world of pageantry because most international beauty pageants are now promoting their own advocacies and searching for the perfect candidate with a strong advocacy. The Philippines is known as a country where the majority of Filipinos can speak and understand the English language. Almost all Philippine delegates to international beauty pageantry are able to communicate well with the judges, organizers, and other foreigners, engaging interpersonal relationship advantage. In this case, they always ace the question and answer portions or interviews of every pageant that they participate.

3. Diverse beauty: The Philippines is regarded as one of the most diversified nationality in the world with regards to race, ethnicity, and culture. Basing from historical background, the Philippines was conquered by numerous European, Austronesian, and Pacific islanders. There are exotic, oriental, mestiza, ethnic, and native beauties that you can observe for every Filipino across the Philippines. This makes Filipinos unique from their neighbors because you will never expect that this country sends different flavor of beauties that surprises pageant fanatics from all over the world.

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4. All candidates that will represent the country are all trained: Before a person competes to an international competition, they must have to undergo a rigorous training. The reason behind is that beauty pageant in the current era are now becoming more competitive than before. More and more countries are developing their own beauty pageant camps to ensure that their delegates will prosper by placing to any international competition that they participate. Bringing home the crown or title back to the Philippines is an international pride that the candidate will carry for the rest of their lives. After winning the local pageant, candidates will start to train immediately even months before their pageant night.

5. Always avoids a "diva" attitude: Before a delegate from the Philippines will be sent to other countries to participate in a major beauty pageant contest, being a diva is nowhere to be found in their vocabulary. This is because male, female, and transgender contestants from the Philippines are aware about the consequences of being a diva. This is either you will be tagged with scandalous issues or to be silently disqualified from penetrating the semifinalist round. Most international beauty pageants are now considering a more diverse cause while searching for the next ambassadress to represent their brand for the whole year. Pageant organizers are now looking for a lady with full of promises by carrying an inspirational mantra to become a future role model.

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