A rare opportunity comes after the 65th edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant. One of the delegates of the 65th edition of Miss Universe is calling for Filipino pageant fans and supporters to have her gown be given to a girl who has no money to buy one for herself for a prom. Miss Universe Bulgaria Violina Ancheva is seeking help from the Filipino fans to search for a girl who cannot afford to buy or even rent a gown for her to attend a prom to fulfill her high school life. She is urging all pageant fans and supporters to contact her as soon as possible before she leaves from Manila and return back to her home country.

From her official Facebook account, Violina Ancheva announced to all Filipino fans that she would like to give as a present her official Miss Universe gown (Seen below) to one of any of you who really needed it badly. Violina wants to give her gown to a girl who is financially challenged to fulfill her happiest moment by attending her prom while wearing Miss Bulgaria's gown. Any interested individual who wants to have her gown should message her immediately because she is leaving soon and will be back to Bulgaria. She also demands everyone to share her post and want that that dress to find a new owner forever. This is a rare behavior for a candidate who wants to leave a legacy before returning back to her original life in her home country.
Miss Universe Bulgaria Violina Ancheva
Violina Ancheva was crowned as the new Miss Universe Bulgaria 2016 and succeeding Radostina Todorova. She is 21 years of age and stands 5'9" tall. She came to the Philippines and represented her country in the 65th edition of Miss Universe. After the pageant, Violina wanted something special before leaving the Philippines, this is to give her official gown as a remembrance to her Filipino fans. What are you waiting for? hurry up and message her now.

During her stay in the Philippines, Violina never expected the warmth and hospitality of Filipino people aside from being a die-hard pageant fanatics. She never realized that there is something about the Filipino culture that melted her heart during her stay here in the Philippines. This made her more comfortable competing in the 65th edition of Miss Universe while experiencing the culture of the Philippines during the course of her stay. She will never forget what the Philippines have done to her because it changed her perspective by starting to love the Philippines. By experiencing the hospitality of Filipinos personally impressed her.

Miss Universe Bulgaria Violina Ancheva never experienced this supportive environment and she is happy that she came to the Philippines to represent her country. For every place that they visited, there are several seas of fans that awaits them, cheering and getting so excited whenever they see them passing through their neighborhoods. Another thing is the unique landscape that the Philippines offered to the candidates because it showcased how beautiful the Philippines is. To return back the favor, she is now looking for the new owner of her blue gown as a gift to any Filipino fan to use it for their prom or other formal activities in the future.

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Last year when Pia Wurtzbach was called as the real Miss Universe 2015, she was cheered by Miss Bulgaria 2015 Radostina Todorova during the coronation night. Pia Wurtzbach was called first as the first runner-up. But when Steve Harvey realized that he made a mistake, he eventually corrected his mistake and announced that Ariadna Gutierres was the first runner-up and Pia Wurtzbach is the real Miss Universe. After Paulina Vega crowned Pia Wurtzbach, Radostina quickly approached her and gave her a warm welcome as the new Miss Universe.

Filipino pageant fanatics noticed Radostina's very warm support for Pia Wurtzbach during the coronation night of Miss Universe 2015. Thanks to fans who had a very bright eyesight, they confirmed that it was indeed Radostina who was responsible for boosting Pia's confidence to move in front of the stage to correct Steve Harvey's mistake. Nevertheless, Pia conquered the most awkward moment in her life when she faced Ariadna Gutierrez who was wrongfully crowned in that moment and just waited for Paulina to transfer the crown and the sash to her.

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The Philippines is believed to have the largest pageant fans and supporters than any country in the world. They have the loudest and craziest reactions whenever their bet penetrates the semifinal round, right after being announced by the host. There are at least over 100 million Filipinos living and working around the world. In every pageant event being held worldwide, Filipinos have one of the largest cheers, roaring over their candidate. In some cases, Filipino fans or fans to a Philippine delegate has the largest noise in major international competitions being held around the world.

Since Venus Raj entered the semifinals of Miss Universe in 2010, pageant organizers observed something different. This is all about the fans of the Philippines, cheering over her when she was called last as the 15th candidate to enter the semifinal round of Miss Universe. Year after year, Philippine fans are slowly getting noticed by several beauty pageant organizers for their notable support for pageants. Since then, the Philippines became an interesting crowd whenever an international beauty pageant will take place.

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The 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant was held for the third time in SM MOA Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Iris Mittenaere won the coveted title who bested 85 other girls who were hopeful for claiming the crown as a pride for their country. The first runner-up went to Haiti while the Second runner-up spot went to the delegate from Colombia. The host delegate, Maxine Medina who represented the Philippines ended in the top 6 spot along with Kenya and Thailand.

Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart was ecstatic and expressed her overwhelming satisfaction with the hosting of the Philippines for the 65th edition of Miss Universe. Shugart mentioned that the Philippines perfected the hosting of the latest Miss Universe and it is one of the most exciting editions she has ever seen. Business tycoons are open for another possibility that the next edition of Miss Universe will be held again in the country, knowing that it brings a significant contribution to the business sector as well as in the tourism industries.

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