Diego Loyzaga is now creating another attention that makes him a paragon of a family feud issue online. Online users became curious about his posts that went viral over the internet through the social media websites. Upon looking at his Instagram account in the morning of February 7, 2017, some of his posts went viral in social media. But just a few hours, his viral posts in his Instagram account were then deleted. This is after Diego noticed that some of his rants through the posts are now getting some attention throughout the social media, which caught the attention of several news agencies and entertainment websites online.

Basically, the issue is all about his disappointments and rants towards his biological father, Cesar Montano. Diego stated that "Is this you? ride on! let the authorities arrest me and then put a label on my body, as you previously mentioned". This was after Diego was allegedly threatened by his father to be in police custody for using prohibited substances that could enlist him as a potential user and will be under surveillance by the Philippine National Police. Obviously, he is in an irate condition when he posted the message online that made users become more curious about his condition and why he mentioned those rants against his father.
Diego Loyzaga on the left and Cesar Montano on the right
Carlos Diego Loyzaga is an active actor in the Philippines. He was born on May 21, 1995 by his mother, Teresa Loyzaga and Cesar Montano, which are both actor and actress. Diego signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN station for three years on March 8, 2011. Since then, Diego appeared in several soap operas, movies, and commercials.

Online users felt sad about the recent family conditions of Diego Loyzaga, in particular with his relationship with Cesar Montano, which is his father. However, there are some online users who were not convinced about Diego's story, stating that it is just a staging in order to gain attention to the public. Diego should have directly discussed this issue with her mother and other members of the family regarding his disappointment with his father as online users are not interested with the private lives of entertainment talents. There are also some online users who suggested that Diego Loyzaga should handle the matter in a private manner and avoid further rants online as he could further expose confidential issues about his family.

Fans of Diego Loyzaga are still hopeful that his relationship with his father will soon reconcile because after all, Cesar Montano is still his father. No matter how he will handle the situation, he is still the biological son of Cesar Montano even if he rants him using social media platforms. This is because fans understand how it really feels like to be treated by a father who already has his own family to take care. Some fans are in the same situation with Diego Loyzaga and they feel the pain of being disregarded by a parent who is busy taking care of his other family. Online users are still happy that Diego Loyzaga is still lucky enough to have Teresa Loyzaga, which is a loving mother to Diego Loyzage even if his relationship with his father is not that warm.

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5 reasons why Diego Loyzaga ranted against his father?

1.  Alleged threat by Cesar Montano to put him in police custody due to prohibited substance use: Diego Loyzaga is extremely angry for what his father had told him. He was accused by his father to be using prohibited substances. And due to this accusations, Cesar Montano is threatening his son to be under the police custody. Diego previously submitted himself to a series of tests to determine if he is positive of metamphetamine hydrochloride, which could be visibly seen by a random laboratory test. Diego is confident because all previous tests came out to be negative.

Diego Loyzaga's post on Instagram

2. Being unwanted by Cesar Montano: Strained relationships between a father and son relationship often reached its peak when the son is now an adult. A son who seldom bonds with his father during childhood has a big impact to his psychological integrity. Diego Loyzaga also raised other family issues involving his father's relationship to him. He claims that throughout his life, he regard himself to be unwanted by Cesar Montano as a son. Ever since he was a child, His father has not been able to bond with him and then took him for granted until now. Diego feels sad about the situation between him and his father, which strained their father and son relationship.

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3. Lack of financial support: Diego praised his father, Cesar Montano, for supporting his half sister's school fees. He praised his father for fulfilling his responsibility as a good father to his other siblings. He posted his father's photo of him showing his sister's tuition fees that has already been paid by his father. However, he lambasted his father, saying that unlike him who did not asked even a single penny to support his school fees and personal needs at home. So because of this issue, Diego believes that he has the right to become enraged by his father's lack of financial support when he was younger.

4. Broken promises: As they always say, promises are always meant to be broken, especially if that person failed to fulfill it. In his social media account, Diego instigated about the promises that his father said to him in the past. Diego compared his father to a magician due to his numerous promises to his son that never happened. As a mad son, Diego is no longer affected by any reactions from the social media users in his posts because he was totally enraged how he was treated from the moment he was born until this day.

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5. Diego already reached his boiling point: As a person, patience is something that a person would always maintain in their lives because second chance is an option to reconcile with other individuals. However in the case of Diego's relationship with his father, the situation is a serious one. Over the years of neglect, unwanted, and treated differently from other siblings, this is the time for Diego to spill the beans to express his frustrations and rants against his father. He admits that keeping the situation silent could conceal his real feelings. However, this is the final point wherein he could no longer keep up in silence.

Right after President Rodrigo sworn into office as the head of state of the Philippine Republic, the war on prohibited narcotics started campaign across the country. Cesar Montano was then appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as the Tourism Promotions Board, which is a sub branch of the Department of Tourism headed by Secretary Wanda Teo. Cesar Montano is expected to issue a statement regarding his son's recent rants online as well as his other immediate family members such as his siblings and his mother, Teresa Loyzaga.

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