Pageant fanatics were overwhelmed how the hosting of Miss Universe went perfectly in the Philippines. The event was the third time for the country to host the international beauty pageant. During the pageant's coronation event, pageant fanatics and spectators from around the world to watch the most prestigious beauty pageant in the universe. At the conclusion of the event, Iris Mittenaere from France was proclaimed as the winner of the 65th Miss Universe on January 30, 2017. The pageant was held at the SM MOA (Mall of Asia) Arena in Bay City District, Pasay City, Metro Manila in the Philippines.

But even before the coronation night began, there are several pageant fanatics who uploaded their videos doing their personalized catwalk version. But one of them stood out due to this person's entertaining vibe that quickly captured the hearts of online users. He is no other than Sinon Loresca, which is also known as Rogelia. There are several videos of him along with other online sensation who made several versions of their Pasarela parodies online. Entertained online users instantly shared his videos online, which generated a quick matrix of views to other online users. Rogelia's viral videos caught the attention of several media networks around the world.
Sinon Loresca aka "Rogelia"
Sinon Loresca grew up in Masbate during his younger years. He soon went to Manila to seek for greener pastures. With the supportive hand of his sibling, he flew to London where he started his career as a fashion model, being featured in several magazines. His ripped body landed him to become a fitness model. When he uploaded some of his flamboyant and alluring videos online, he caught the attention of talent managers, opening a door for him to penetrate the entertainment industry.

Most of his videos show his catwalk skill while exposing his fit and muscular body. What is interesting about his videos is all about his persona of improving the identity of gay men in our society. His body, actions, and image mostly surprise viewers who still insist that he is not gay due to his masculine features. Some people might not believe that he is openly gay due to stereotypes towards the LGBT (Lesbians Gay Bisexual and Transgender) community. This is because he is often mistaken as an action star due to his masculine appearance. He has a very fit body with exploding muscles, visible beard, and often wears a manly outfit, which could mimic a real straight man.

Sinon's most exciting set of videos is during the course of the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant. He uploaded several videos of him doing a Pasarela walk while wearing a one piece underwear in stiletto hills. Sinon was also wearing a crown while personifying Miss Universe 2015 winner Pia Wurtzbach along the streets of Manila. These are just some of his videos reached more than 20 million and still counting as of this day. Numerous media outlets in the Philippines became interestedinh the story behind the videos, making him as one of the most talked online sensation after the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant. But the most interesting part is when he caught some international television networks around the world, featuring him in their news. He is also invited to appear on an American talk show "The Doctors". Watch the viral videos of him below

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5 Interesting Facts about Sinon Loresca

1. Rogelia is a talent of GMA: When Rogelia came home to the Philippines, he was approached by the staff of a noon-time variety show Eat Bulaga. He appeared in Kalye Serye's "Rogelia" episode, which he played the character of Rogelia who applied as a bodyguard for the "Zobeyalas" sisters. Since appearing in that noon-time segment, his videos online became more sensational as he continues to upload more videos and photos of him. Even if he is now based in London, you will still see him in the future when he will come back home in the Philippines to guest in several television shows.

He was asked about switching to other television networks by fans. Rogelia's answer was he was already contented and happy with his current television network. This is because GMA was the first network that discovered him and further intensified his fame. However, his mind can still change if he will be offered a contract without any restrictions that can also offer higher salary aside from his current contract with GMA.

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2. He is s fitness model: One interesting thing about Rogelia is keeping himself fit, making him look very attractive, making him look like an action star that you can see in movies. He is currently based in London as a fashion and fitness model, being featured in several spreads and shows. As a fitness model, Rogelia is an inspiration for the members of LGBT community who cannot have time to exercise in order to keep them fit, which also prolongs their lifestyle. His ripped body always surprises viewers because they couldn't believe that he is gay due to the stereotypical cultures towards the LGBT community members.

3. Internet sensation: Before being featured in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye, Rogelia was already trending online due to his alluring videos. You can view his videos online via his Instagrawith over 117K followers and Facebook with over 420K followers where he always posts it from time to time. Online users love his videos because his humor is unique, funny, and entertaining to whoever watches his videos showing his masculine body. Whenever he goes traveling to the Philippines and visiting several tourist spots, people can easily recognize him due to his videos that have gone viral to social media.

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4. Openly gay: Don't be fooled by his masculinity, Rogelia is an openly gay man. However, people still find him as straight because some individuals are yet to understand the concept of being gay due to a limited knowledge about it. While he flaunts his hips on the left and on the right and wiggles as he slay his catwalk skill, his personality is already enough to show his real self as a proud gay man. Rogelia can easily fit the criteria of other single gay guys who are looking for a relationship. If you are both compatible with your interests, activities, and vision in life with Rogelia, then you could be the right person. Only if Rogelia is still single as of this point.

5. Has a soft spot for street dwellers: Before enjoying his achievements today, Rogelia always looks back where he started when he was a young boy who wished that his life will drastically change some day. During his stay in the Philippines has been spotted feeding street dwellers along the streets of Metro Manila. Feeding the street dwellers and providing them with special gifts is like returning back the grace that he has been receiving in his life at the present. This is a truly inspiring way for a person who still wants to look behind from his past when he was still an ordinary person with full of hopes in life.

This is one of the most amazing characters that we know about Rogelia. This famous catwalk goddess claims that he also came from a scratch before reaching his goals to become a successful person. He managed to push his dreams into reality through hardships, perseverance, and determination to become a famous celebrity.

The question is, do you love Simon Loresca?

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