She is simple, bubbly, friendly, and very sweet. But behind her sweet smile, is her naughty humor and character. Meet one known online sensation, in which some of her posts or messages are now circulating online, making her famous once more. Gradually, there are more and more netizens who notice her activities in social media. this is due to her insatiable posts, photos, videos, and other activities being posted online. As she gains more followers, she also attract haters, these haters even make her more famous. The reason behind is that she generates an emotional impact for netizens who may seem to penetrate their sensitivity tolerance level.

However, one comment made netizens irate regarding the aftermath of Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake that hit Surigao City on February 10, 2017. Jean Nunez Ladra dropped a bomb that irritated many netizens, especially from the Southern and Central parts of the Philippines in her personal Facebook profile. This is due to her insensitive comments towards the victims and the outcome of the earthquake that hit the affected areas in Surigao and nearby provinces and regions. As based on her comments, most of the phrases are insensitive, which triggers emotional outbursts to anyone who will read her comments regarding the victims of the earthquake.
Online sensation Jean Nunez Ladra
Surigao City earthquake experienced one of the most destructive forces in recent times. Local government units couldn't agree more that this is by far the worst seismological-related disaster that they experienced from a long time. The 6.7 magnitude earthquake was responsible for at least 4 casualties and more than a dozen who became injured from the incident.

Netizens were quick to respond her insensitive post regarding the onslaught of the magnitude 6.7 earthquake that affected residents in Surigao City. The post caused an emotional impact to the netizens that caused them to share her posts in other social media platforms. This made her even more trending online due to her comments regarding the victims of Surigao City, but also to other parts of Central and Southern Philippines. But hours later, the post was then deleted personally by her and could no longer be found online, except if there will be a subpoena, which will mandate Facebook administrators to restore Jean Nunez Ladra's post back to her personal account.

Despite from that particular post that generated sensitive feedback and backlash towards her, Many still supports her no matter what she has been posting and doing in her personal social media account. Her followers defended netizens who were not happy about her posts, stating that they understand her sentiments. Every person has the right to express their opinions to any activity, event, and towards others. However, they reminded everyone to be always responsible for their behaviors and activities online because even with just one click, the whole world will know everything that you have been posting online even without your knowledge. Supporters of Jean Nunez are aware that emotionally aggravated online users who were offended by her post are expected to generate negative comments, which will soon alleviate over time.

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Actual footage of Magnitude 6.7 Surigao Earthquake

The Surigao Earthquake incident

The 2017 Surigao Earthquake is one of the most devastating earthquakes in the city in many decades with its shallow depth of only 4 kilometers from the Earth's surface. The quake made a widespread damage all over the city, which toppled several buildings, homes, and other structures in the area. Roads and bridges were either partial or totally damaged by the 6.7 magnitude tremors across the city. Cracks are seen all across the city, which is feared to sustain more damages when a series of aftershocks will shake the area.

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Residents are afraid to get back at home due to the risk of getting injured from the earthquake. The death toll is feared to rise as local government units and volunteers continue to conduct search and rescue operations to the areas affected by the tremors. Residents are advised not to approach any damaged structures because they are vulnerable to unexpected hazards that might cause a risk to their safety in the future. It is must better to seek for a safer place such as evacuation centers that are located in an open space away from tall buildings, cliffs, and rivers.

The Philippines is seated at an active seismological area of the world where several active tectonic plates collide against each other. Earthquakes are frequent in the Philippines as the plate continues to move at least 2 to 3 centimeters against each other. The last major earthquake was on July 16th, 1991 when a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck the North and Central Luzon regions of the country, causing a widespread damage across the affected areas. There are numerous fault lines scattered across the country, which pose a threat to the safety sometime in the future.

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Jean's comment 
Not the first time for Jean Nunez Ladra

Remembering her similar activity last September, Jean Nunez Ladra made a previous opinion regarding the Davao City terrorist attack. Jean made an online attention and backlash due to her choice of words that made a sensitive impact towards the victims of Davao City blast. Netizens were also quick to take a screenshot during that time, showing how she describes her sentiments towards the incident in Davao City. As a result, many netizens who were from that particular area were not happy about her expressive thoughts. She made a public apology through a video after her post went trending online.

Davao City was the first massive metropolitan city in the Philippines who suffered from an unexpected terrorist attack. The incident took place in a metropolitan night market where people buy cheaper commodities rather than spending their time in a hot scorching heat during the day. There were at least more than a dozen dead and less than a hundred who were injured during the incident. ISIS-linked militants were responsible for the carnage that rumbled the security forces of Davao City, in a step towards being recognized by the ISIS founders in the Middle East.

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