Mega earthquake drill is now being organized and undertaken to help maximize awareness regarding the significance of being knowledgeable about disaster preparedness. Numerous communities across the world are now organizing an earthquake drill so that residents will be able to become active when initiating with safety response management that prevents any risk of harm. The latest earthquake drill just recently happened in the Philippines this June 22, 2016. However according to Philippine Volcanology and seismology, the recent earthquake that just struck Surigao is just an example how destructive could impact our community.

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck Surigao City at 10 pm of February 10, 2017. The depth of the quake is only 4 kilometers deep, causing a massive damage and dangerous ground shaking. The tremor hit the areas of Surigao City, Southern Leyte, and Pintuyan with an intensity VI quake. Intensity V quake felt in areas of San Ricardo, Limasawa, and Mandaue City. Intensity IV was feld in Butuan City and Hininangan in Southern Leyte. Intensity III quake shocked the areas of Camiguin, Tacloban City, Bislig City, Tolosa, and Misamis Oriental. Intensity II rocked Tacologon City in Agusan Del Sur, Cebu City, Dumaguete City,  and Cagayan De Oro City. The quake is tectonic in origin. Local government units warned of a series of aftershocks that might cause further damage in the area.
Impact of Magnitude 6.7 in Surigao City on February 10, 2017
Mega earthquake drill is no stranger in the Philippines because people are aware that their community is situated in an active seismic zone. This means that earthquake drill is a very serious implementation of disaster awareness that prepares every resident and guests to become productive when dealing with disaster preparedness. People participates with annual, bi-annual, or even quarterly earthquake drill so that their knowledge to avoid any risk of harm will be more productive and efficient.

As a concerned citizen, being knowledgeable about the implementation of earthquake drill is an important thing to consider. The objective of earthquake drill is to prevent any potentiality of harm to any member of the society once that a natural hazard will strike their community. Participating with earthquake drill is important because you will be able to save yourself from any harmful consequences that can be delivered by natural disasters such as earthquakes that is sometimes accompanied by tsunami waves along the coast.

During earthquake drills, organizing committee for the event makes a comprehensive preparation efforts. This involves with the preparation of safety equipment, creating hazard zones, installing artificial structures that represents a destructive consequence of mother nature, health care members who will be acting as rescuers, and volunteers to participate as victims. It is a comprehensive preparation event that can make the drill to be a reminder on how a certain community deal with the potential hazards brought about by the impact of natural disasters that impacts the community.

It is expected that there will be more earthquake drills that can happen on the next years to come. The reason behind is that repeated drills enables the community to become serious about the extent of natural hazards that can impact the whole community. One of the most important sayings about earthquake safety is "knowledge can save yourself from any potential harm". So every organization is now maximizing their efforts to ensure that the community becomes well-prepared whenever there are unexpected hazards that could endanger the safety  of the community.
earthquake drill information

10 safety facts why mega earthquake drill is important to your community

1. Disaster preparedness: Community preparedness is the most important reason why drills are always organized in every community across the world. This is to ensure that the extent of applying an efficient disaster preparedness will be properly executed, given that the residents and volunteers will be trained on how to manage their community if they disaster will strike the community in the future. People will be appreciating the essence of preparation when disaster strikes their community.

2. Education: The mega earthquake drill is a simple reminder how learning is an important thing that could impact the credibility of disaster preparedness. Being knowledgeable is always important because it can help anyone to save themselves when disaster will strike their community. The visual presentation about disaster preparedness through the application of an earthquake drill enhances an intention to stimulate a realization that people should always be concerned about their their safety.

3. Demonstration: Participants during the mega earthquake will appreciate the real scenario of experiencing a disaster event. All volunteers will apply first hand how to keep themselves safe whenever earthquake strikes their community. Residents will realize the real threats propagated by the impacts brought about by a mega disaster that could happen in their community. This is because the extent of being aware about the safety issues applied should be always on alert because earthquake can happen in an unexpected time.

4. Duck, cover, and hold: the duck position is where you flex your legs while you position yourself down to the floor, like a duck. Cover is when you seek for a space such as the triangle of life so that you will cover yourself to the whole body including the head from any falling debris that might risking it from any injuries. In addition, hold is where you going to hold any wall, structure, or a surface that is protecting yourself from any harmful debris, especially when you are inside the building.

5. Will know the triangle of life: It is important for residents to seek for any walls that would save any person from any hazardous consequences of rumbling debris. This is applied when you are going to duck and learn yourself to the tilted walls that forms a triangular shape. Broken walls usually forms a hollow space that is shaped in a triangular form, which provides enough space for any person to save their lives during an earthquake.

6. Can become a hero: If you are knowledgeable for safety management to mitigate disaster situation, you can become a potential hero for your own household and to the community. Saving lives is one of the most unforgettable ways to take pride to yourself as a hero. You will always be remembered by your family and other individuals who you saved during that particular disaster incident that made other individuals impressed by your lifeless actions.

7. Improve construction of structures: Disaster preparedness aims to promote building code safety and management of constructed structures. This is because one of the most vulnerable issues is all about testing the strength and viability of these constructed structures that we always use in everyday activities. Discovering poorly constructed structures will surely be replaced or reconstructed to improve its foundation that ensures the safety of anyone in the structure.

8. Further understand what is an earthquake: For some, they are not aware that earthquake is a natural disaster. People just know that it is a scenario where they experience ground shaking. But they do not understand the real meaning of this scenario. Earthquake is one of the most powerful forces of nature that humans could experience. This is the reason why earthquake drills provides a real-life scenario this thing could affect the society.

9. To be familiarized the impacts of a natural disaster: It is a common thing that a person ignores a certain  As a person without knowledge about natural disaster, they does not care about it, unless they experience it. So an earthquake drill is important because it enables the public to feel the potential wrath of earthquake. The public will realize that earthquake can take away their loved ones, friends, and properties. Once there will be a powerful earthquake, there will be homes that will be lost, the economy suffers, and lawlessness prevails.

10. Become a role model: When a person fully understands the negative consequences of earthquakes, they become conscious about the safety of the environment. It is important to become a resource person by initiating awareness about the potential hazards of earthquake. The reason behind is that communication is one of the most important way to alert the public about the hazardous impacts of earthquake, which should not be taken for granted.

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