Newly crowned Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart cries foul over the alleged bullying issue during the pageant finals. Days after the pageant, Imelda is now deeply saddened about the way other candidates treated her even before the coronation night. The allegations came out to the public after she finally decided to let pageant fanatics and media know more about the real scenario for any candidate who is the victim of envious treatments from other candidates. The allegations can also pertain with the members of the pageant staff who aims to attempt any undesirable outcome towards their targetted victim.

Imelda Schweighart revealed her sentiments to a newspaper media after the coronation night of Miss Earth Philippines 2016 where she won. The newspaper media then released an article, indicating that she experienced an intense bullying issue where she remained quite throughout the pageant. Schweighart told the print media that she realized that the most difficult part of the pageant can be experienced when you are at the backstage or offstage. As a pageant contender, the incident makes you feel vulnerable because there is somebody who is taking something against you.
Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart with other winners
As based on the interview, Imelda Schweighart was shocked to find out that her pageant heels, eye-shadow palette, and foundation have gone missing before the pageant night. She became sad because her heels is an essential tool to maintain her towering height. For this position, Imelda realized that there is something going on because she is under the watchful eye of other candidates who are planning something against her.

She also voiced out her concerns that many contestants hate her because she is one of the favorite candidates to win the pageant. As the front-runner of the competition, many ladies are taking chances to pull her down during the pageant competition. Imelda noticed that most of the candidates were not helping her with the issue and they just leave her alone. No one is offering their comfort to Imelda as she continues to be bothered by the vulnerabilities caused by the envious treatments of other candidates against her. She has been winning numerous awards, which is why other candidates start to become envy against her.

Imelda Schweighart was the recipient of several minor awards such as Darling of the Press. During the pre-pageant cocktail and evening gown competitions, she received third places. She is also the chosen to receive several corporate awards such as Miss Ever Bilena and Miss Pontefino. During the swimsuit round, she placed second, making her as a strong contender during the pageants night.

One incident happened to her when one contestant offered a bottle that is formulated with a special oil that smells like eucalyptus. The candidate told her that when you smell, it can boost the brain. However,  she felt something strange as her sinus starts to irritate. She also developed a sore throat after smelling that oil. She then became ill until the coronation night of Miss Earth Philippines 2016.

Schweighart was very upset that nobody from the contestants supported her during the pageant. She then felt alone and vulnerable.

Despite from the allegations of pageant bullying during the pageants night, Imelda is still grateful for winning the pageant. She is overwhelmed for gaining the license to represent the country to a major beauty pageant event that will be held later this year. She takes pride to represent the country in the upcoming Miss Earth pageant 2016.

Imelda has to struggle to change the negative ambiance in order to keep her competitiveness high during the pageant.

Imelda is hoping for a triple back-to-back-to-back win for the Philippines and possibly making history in the world of beauty pageants.

Schweighart is also happy to know that she is supported by the past titleholders of the pageant. Similar incidents happened to Jamie Herrell when she competed Miss Earth Philippines and Miss Earth pageant. Jamie also lost some personal items that have been also allegedly perpetrated by envious candidates.

Angelia Ong also agreed with Jamie Herrel because she herself experienced pageant bullying when she competed last year.

Schweighart has a message for those who were allegedly trying to pull her down. "I hope you find yourselves in a place where you can be healed from the past hurt".

Just hours after her statements from the print media, Athena Catriz commented "making false accusations on someone will never make yourself a better person. This is not a good way for gaining attention from the public, so better use your mind before making public statements".

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