Jean Nunez pokes fun at Davao City blast by the terrorist Abu Sayyaf on September 3, 2016. She laments that the people of Davao City should be asking for prayers to the Encantadia to grace the souls of the victims who have been killed in the blast. This means that people should be prioritizing the enchanted kingdom of fairies in order to seek grace for the souls of the victims as well as for the safety of the Philippines.

Jean also mentioned in her social media account that she thought Davao City is a safe place to live for Filipinos and expats. She is disappointed that a terrorist act successfully launched their attack in Davao City without being noticed by the police. Jean thought that Davao City is the safest city in the Philippines, only to find out that the city has been penetrated by the terrorist. She is very disappointed that such a security threat could make a successful attack to a city that is very secured. Out of disappointment, she then posted her expressive thoughts on social media. Only to find out that the reactions were not that good towards Jean, lambasting her insensitive thoughts in social media.
Jean Nunez Ladra generated hate comments after criticizing the President Duterte and PNP chief Bato Dela Rosa
Jean Nunez Ladra gained fame in social media after she made numerous videos of herself commenting on social issues. Previous videos gained positive comments by social media users who saw her videos online. Some videos of Jean also went viral over the internet due to her humurous comments in her social media account. However this time, the opposite reaction blanketed her social media profile due to her post regarding Davao City blast.

Social media users were also disappointed with Jean's post on her Facebook account. Most comments were negative towards her post, which is still visible on her social media profile. She stated that if Davao City is safe, why there were dozens who perished from a terrorist bombing. Jean says that President Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine National Police Chief Dela Rosa are big chaos. Since there were numerous criticisms against the Duterte administration, the people should seek help from the land of fairies known as Encantadia. Jean believes that these fairies can help the country from any terror threats and other social problems than relying on Duterte or Dela Rosa.

Jean Nunez also reacted to several criticisms and other Facebook comments regarding her post. She was deeply hurt by the foul words commented by social media users who used bad words against her. Jean realized that she will never watch Encantadia, which is a local soap opera in the Philippines that features a science-fiction based story on fairies in an enchanted kingdom. She was not expecting numerous negative comments against her freedom of expression. Jean was just expressing her views, which is her right on her personal social media account in Facebook.

Jean Nunez Ladra still wants the people to know that if fairies are true, people should seek assistance for any help as well as blessings from the fairies. According to her, fairies possess mental powers that are much greater than the authorities of the Philippines.

Davao City was rocked by a powerful blast at the night market on Friday night of September 2, 2016. The blast killed at least 14 people and wounded at least more than 70 up to date. Philippine authorities established checkpoints across the country to prevent similar incidents to happen in the future.

President Rodrigo Duterte declared the country under a state of lawless violence. The announcement was made in order to prevent any terrorist group to attack any city or town across the Philippines. Duterte's declaration generated harsh criticisms from leftist groups, citing that it is the initial steps to declare Martial law in the country, which the president denies it.

After the incident, President Rodrigo Duterte cancelled his trip to Brunei to concentrate on the bombing issue in Davao City. Duterte mentioned that the country is now on full alert for any attacks from terrorist elements of the society.

Isis linked Abu-Sayyaf claimed the responsibility for the bombing. The terror group vows for more attacks in the future. The Armed Forces of the Philippines in coordination with the Philippine National Police and local government units are now working together in order to prevent similar incidents that can happen in the future.

Abu Sayyaf is a local terrorist group in the Philippines. The group operates mainly in hte island chains of Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-tawi on the western part of Mindanao island. The bandits roams Celebes Sea and Sulu seas as pirates, hijacking ships, boats, and kidnapping its passengers. Abu Sayyaf's trademark is

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