After discovering that other housemates nominated her for eviction, Pinoy Big Brother housemate Rita Gabiola broke down in tears. Rita was shocked to know that she was the second to be called as the nominated person to be evicted for this week as part of the second nomination for the reality show. She became very frustrated that other housemates voted for her, despite from the adjustments being made as one of the housemates inside the Big Brother house.

Rita Gabiola became very confused why she was included on the nominee's list. While she was having a breakdown due to the latest announcement on the list of nominated housemates, Miss Gabiola was seen being comforted by other housemates. Words of Wisdom from fellow housemates were given to her as a way for her to anguish her frustrations about the nomination announcement. She feels that housemates do not have the right trust for her as she has been still trying to figure out the right chemistry to develop mutual relationships with other housemates inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.
PBB Housemate Rita Gabiola Breaks down after being nominated for eviction
Other nominees are Christian, which garnered the second highest votes at 7. Christian's nomination score is due to her temper management issues inside the Big Brother house. Rita Gabiola garnered the highest nomination score of 8 because she is still having a hard time adjusting to a new environment as well as still mixing the right combination of issues to develop mutual relationships with other housemates.

Heaven and Kristine have 5 votes each. Heaven expected to be on the list of nominations because she is aware that she did not participate well in some past tasks. Heaven vows to do better for the next set of tasks that will be requested by Big Brother for the next days to come. For Kristine, she was not expecting herself to be on the nominee's list. She felt that being nominated is like being stabbed in the back and she could no longer offer her trust to anyone inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, Rita also vowed to erase all misconceptions about her. Rita told her family to do her very best so that she could be the main driving factor to change their family's socio-economic lifestyle. She will analyze any issues that would have confused other housemates so that she can deliver a more improved relationship with them. As a goal, she hopes that she will not be evicted this week, which will give her another week to prove herself and will eventually change her pace while inside the Big Brother house.

It is very clear that Rita Gabiola possesses a sensitive nature. This is brought about by her experience from belonging to a poor household. She experienced tough times as she struggled to help her family attain their basic need by previously begging foods when she has no class at school. By this nature, she has had rough experiences of shame, bullying, and discrimination responsible for making her a sensitive child.

Her nomination is based on the impression of others with regards to her immaturity. Rita is one of the youngest housemates in the Pinoy Big Brother house because she is just 13-years-old. Other housemates are already aged 14 and above.

Other housemates made an advice for her to keep strong because she is doing it for her family. They are aware that she is participating the reality show because she wants to have a brighter future for her family after the reality television show.

The nomination will serve as a stepping stone for Rita so that it will give her an indicator if she has been doing well while inside the Big Brother House. Rita's emotional breakdown is a reminder how her struggles from the past are haunting her as she cries in front of other housemates.

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