Miss Universe Organization finally broke silence regarding the rumored hosting of Pia Wurtzbach to a reality show. Unfortunately, the organization denies claims that Pia Wurtzbach signed a new contract with the production team of Asia's Next Top Model. The reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is still under contract with Miss Universe Organization, which means that she still have many duties and responsibilities as an ambassadress to the youth and many other causes around the world.

As the reigning winner of Miss Universe on its 64th edition, Pia Wurtzbach has signed a contract with the organization since she was still a candidate. There were conditions set by the Miss Universe Organization for every winner of its annual edition, which should not be compromised by the reigning winner of the pageant. This means that Pia's obligation should only intend for fulfilling the affairs of Miss Universe Organization along with its partners from around the globe. Pia's contract is set to end next year, which automatically expires when the next Miss Universe will be crowned next year.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach will not host Asia's Next Top Model because she could compromise her contract with Miss Universe Organization and may lose the crown
Miss Universe Organization did not have any communication with the production staff of Asia's Next Top Model team. This is why they could not find any confirmation with response to the circulating news that Pia Wurtzbach is the rumored host for the incoming season of Asia's Next Top Model that will take place in Singapore.

The staff of Miss Universe Organization is wondering how this information has been circulating without their knowledge. For every activity initiated by Pia Wurtzbach, it is the duty of the Miss Universe Organization to be always kept in touch to all affairs of the reigning Miss Universe. At this point, no one from the staff from the production of Asia's Next Top Model franchise initiated a mode of communication or a memorandum of understanding with regards to the rumoured hosting of the reigning Miss Universe.

It is clear that Pia Wurtzbach does not have to do anything with the hosting of Asia's Next Top Model. This is because she would compromise her current contract with the Miss Universe Organization. Pia is not that clumsy by signing a new contract with another management team, which could compromise her position as the reigning Miss Universe. If she will do that, Pia will be dethroned and this means that the first runner-up will take over. And she is Ariadna Gutierrez from Colombia, which was Pia's best competitor of the pageant.

Pia Wurtzbach is featured in this photo, but there were no confirmation
Pia Wurtzbach was previously tagged to be the next host of Asia's Next Top Model V. She is presumed to replace Cindy Bishop, who was the host of a previous edition of Asia's Next Top Model Season 4.

Pia's reign as Miss Universe will end on January 30, 2017. Asia's Next Top Model V will be already casting new applicants and probably sign the next host later this year. This means that there is a conflict of interest with Pia's contract with Miss Universe Organization if this happens to be true.

The photo was perfectly presented with the logo of the Asia's Next Top Model. The photo was believed to be created and edited by a fan who is an avid supporter of Pia Wurtzbach. Maybe that fan was planning something possible to see Pia hosting another program in a television network.

The previous edition of Asia's Next Top Model was hosted by a former beauty queen and a current fashion model, Cindy Bishop from Thailand. It is still uncertain if Cindy Bishop will still be the host for the next edition of the reality show in Singapore.

Tawan Kedkong from Thailand won the 4th edition of the reality television show that was held in Singapore. The first runner-up was from Indonesia while the South Korea was the second runner-up

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