It was a very sad moment for Rita Gabiola after she was already evicted from Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house. She garnered the most number of nominated votes from other housemates, with a score of 9. This is the end of the road for the internet sensation, which is known as the Badjao Girl as indicated by the photographer who discovered her innocent and vibrant beauty while begging on the streets of Lucban, Quezon during the annual "Pahiyas" festival.

Former PBB housemate Rita Gabiola was evicted on September 3, 2016. This is regarded as the saddest moment of Rita's live, failing to fulfill her family's wish to reach at least the final four of the reality television series in the Philippines. When Rita was a nominee, Rita still has the challenge to prevent herself being evicted by winning or accomplishing several challenges as ordered by Big Brother inside the house. However, Rita got the lowest score of the challenge, which made her the only person to be evicted from the PBB house on Saturday evening. Life will be back to normal for Rita Gabiola after she gained a short-term opportunity inside the Big Brother House on the evening on Saturday.
PBB Housemate Rita Gabiola is now eliminated from the Big Brother House
The last challenge that was participated by Rita was that she was requested to stack the Rubik's Cubes from a makeshift base in just only 10 minutes. PBB Housemates Morones and Hammond managed to get the highest scores of 18 points. Nominated housemates can be saved from the elimination when they manage to get high scores. Unfortunately for Rita, her low score was responsible for getting her housemate spot being eliminated from the reality competition.

Earlier, Rita was observed being misquoted by other housemates for being immature. This was due to her being exposed to a new environment where she will be getting used to living with new faces under the same roof. Her sensitivity embarked her personality, being getting easily emotional whenever there are personal issues that are being pointed towards her. Rita is often seen very emotional that usually makes her cry, prompting other housemates to think otherwise about her.

Rita's low self-esteem is one of the main factors why she doesn't seem to get along well with other housemates. Her inferiority complex is keeping her spirit that makes her a weak competitor against other housemates in Pinoy Big Brother house. Since other housemates are teenagers and came from a middle-class or higher class families, Rita is seen hesitant to go along with them. Her lack of confidence affects her perseverance and patience inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. Moreover, her sensitivity is causing a wrong impression to other housemates to think otherwise about her.

Now that Rita Gabiola is already out of the competition, she will now start pursuing other endeavors to search for a better opportunity in life. Being a part of Pinoy Big Brother is a great milestone for her to learn things and activities that can make her a better person. Obviously, Rita feels so bad about her eviction last Saturday, but she realizes that it is time for her to move on with her life and experience in Pinoy Big Brother house.

Rita Gabiola hopes that she could enter another door for more opportunities in the future aside from being a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate. Her ambition to change her family's current socio-economic lifestyle is still one of her priorities because she hopes not to return to the streets begging for alms from strangers along the streets.

As locally known as Badjao Girl, Rita belongs to an indigent community in the Philippines, which is the Badjao group. This ethnic minority group is referred to as sea dweller, mostly living their whole lives in the sea. Badjao ethnic group will come to the shore to seek for alms through begging along the streets.

Rita was previously known as Badjao Girl because she was seen on the streets of Lucban by a photography who was just capturing random photos in Lucban, Quezon. The beauty of Rita quickly captivated the hearts of the public due to her unique facial features and bone structures, considered by some as a potential beauty queen.

Rita Gabiola is also the first Pinoy Big Brother housemates who hail from an ethnic minority in the Philippines. Rita entered the house wearing a traditional Badjao outfit, proudly representing the ethnic tribe that she belongs to.

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