Police authorities uncovered an illegal manufacturing of fake seasoning mix products in Caloocan City. The suspects recovered several sacks that contain ingredients to imitate several famous seasoning products available on the market. The sack contains several rolls of printed sachets that have an exact copy of several seasoning mixes that are used for cooking. There are manufacturing paraphernalia were also recovered when the police authorities raided the place that was believed to be a hidden manufacturing hub of counterfeit items.

Aside from the recovered tools that were used for manufacturing counterfeit items, there were sacks that contain foul smelling fake seasoning mixes. There were at least two seasoning mixes, which are from a "sinigang mix" and from "magic sarap" seasoning mixes. Sacks were transported by the suspected illegal manufacturers using a cargo truck. Authorities are also checking for other items that could lead to another counterfeited items inside the house that can be confiscated and to be analyzed by the crime laboratories.
Authorities recovered a counterfeit items, which are seasoning mixes used for cooking
Sinigang seasoning mix is used for cooking porridge-based dishes that gives a sour-taste flavor. The original seasoning mix is colored brownish. The fake sinigang seasoning mix is very dark and has a foul-smelling aroma. On the other hand, magic sarap mix is an all-purpose seasoning mix to improve the taste of any recipe when you are going to cook your favorite dish. The fake seasoning mix appears lighter in color as can be seen from the photo.

Since the war on illegal substances is intensified, syndicates are now resorting to other alternative ways to continue operating illegally. One of these practices is by manufacturing and distributing counterfeit items. Fake items are much harder to investigate because it replicates the original products that are competing against the real brands in local markets. Counterfeit items are now considered a headache for manufacturing brands that impacts the target market, in which the value on the return of investments can significantly deteriorate.

Police authorities warn the public that buying counterfeit goods are going to risk their lives as well as their health. This is because fake items can cause health threats and risks to the body when consumed. Food poisoning is imminent for consuming counterfeit items for the reason that the ingredients are made from harmful chemicals that are also contaminated by bacteria, molds, and virus. Early preventing is much better than regretting something in the future.

Rolled packs of counterfeit items on the left while the foul-smelling items are on the right
5 Facts on hot to check Fake Magic Sarap and Sinigang seasoning mix

1. Check the color of the powder: It is always important to know the original color of the items you buy. You can take a picture of it and then compare it to the products that you buy. Fake items are always faded in color because the coloring chemicals are also made up of another fake item, which does not keep the color well in just several days. This is also similar with the fake sinigang mix, which appears to be very dark.

2. Check the smell: Both original products smells salty. But for the sinigang mix, you can obviously smell a sour-like odor from the original product. However, you can already determine if the product is already fake when both emits a foul and odorous smell. This is because the powder has already been contaminated with molds that emit dangerous spores that are also dangerous to smell because it can cause a serious health risk to your lungs when the molds will be sucked by your nose through your lungs.

3. Check the packing: When buying Magic Sarap mix, the sachets are usually packed in ten pieces wrapped in a square transparent plastic cover. However, if the retail store just hangs a roll of a sachet in their outlets, it is better not to buy it. For Sinigang mix, the packing should have a thick covering because fake items are made up of thin packaging. Always hold and touch the item before buying it to protect your health from any risk of harm.

4. Check the labeling: It is important to check for the print of the item's label to determine if the product is safe to use. Fake seasoning mix shows that it is made up of a printed pack where there are parts of it that show signs of fading. The original color of the true seasoning mix is different from the color of the fake item. Check the size and the location of the text, which you can compare it with the original item to prevent buying fake items.

5. Only buy items at any accredited retail and wholesale stores: It is important to secure your health and safety if you buy from retailers who are operating legitimately. These are supermarkets, groceries, and large retail stores that are already considered as a household source of items. Buying some random stores pose higher risk of buying counterfeit items. Syndicates target smaller stores because there are no protocols on purchasing items that they sell on their retail outlets.

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